Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The sound of love - Everything Is Sound - Jason Mraz

I'd like to share with you this video of a singer that I love for the beautiful light he brings in the world... 

This video goes along with my last blog post, for it is about "making things up" and other epic stuff. But I warn you: it could make you wanna sing! And if so, well just Sing It! And play it a second time, and Sing It Louder! ;)

My hope is that you'll go on with this melody in your heart, remembering you that you can give wings to any choice that may sound odd at first, ANYTIME!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Equiping my toolbox!

Here I am! Back in my country!
Looking back on my trip, I can see that it has changed the person that I am. I now have a full toolbox of very useful and special tools to play with.

In the previous post, I told you that I didn’t made it to get THE ONE TOOL I was expecting to go get there, which was the Abounding River workshop of Cafe Gratitude, but that two other ones came straight to me. Two other ones for which I didn’t have a clue about what they were -I didn't even know their existance- before they’ve been introduced to me.

So today, I want to introduce you to the first one. The Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). What is that? NLP is still a little hard for me to explain, and it is a wide world of knowledge and of possibilities. But, in short, it would be: NLP is a way to reprogram ideas and experiences that we sorted in our head.

Funny, right? But so true! 
And this is one of the many areas where NLP can intervene and help.

Okay, let’s put it also this way: from minute to minute, we create our life, our experiences of who we are (or of who we THINK we are –because, yes, this is all made of IDEAS). Yes. You got it : WE MAKE IT ALL UP! All the time. What you’ll make for lunch and what will be your experience of it, what you’ll think of the reactions/sensations of your taste buds on each bite; or how you’ll enjoy your walk to the park and which association you’ll make of each sound you’ll ear, of each smell that you'll smell; or what will be your thoughts rising up during the conversation you’ll have this afternoon with your colleague at work and how you'll feel about those thoughts... YOU MAKE IT ALL UP!!!

How? Based on a series of other experiences that you archived in your head. But WHAT IF we could change our perception of the first experience of one of these series of experiences?! Han!! Think about this for a moment!

Now, here’s what happened for me... I DID experienced this kind of « reprogramming ». And I am telling you : it is truly powerful! It changes everything else that comes in the series after the first experiment that has been changed, with the little help of NLP sessions (I got a few sessions, always for different series of experiences, for different «problems»). I can tell you that THEN you start to have a total other perception over things that used to bother/disappoint you. But be sure of one thing : you are still making things up!! :D It's in our nature, we can't help! But you’re just doing it in a different way. :D IN A WAY THAT SERVES YOU!!

You’d like to give NLP a try? Here’s the website of my good friend Matthew, who is a Master NLP Practitioner in California. He was not MY practitioner, ‘cause we were too close friends to go through this work together (his work with me could have been directed by some personal experience we had/are having together), but I’ve seen him working with other people: Matthew is a brilliant practitioner, and I am not affraid at all to recommand him to any of you who would be interested to go this way and change things for themselves to make their experience of their life better! So if you don’t know any practitioner in your area, you can go ahead and call him: NLP sessions can totally be done BY DISTANCE, through Skype, if you have the chance to have a very good practitioner as Matthew to work with you. So, I encourage you to give this gift to yourself!  www.matthewsutherlin.com

In conclusion, here is my advice (based on very good experiences of it): Ask yourself « What would YOU like for your life? » And go ahead for a session with that. I bet you’ll be totally blown away! ;)