Monday, 29 March 2010

Be part of it!

Take a look at this video, which is just another example of the positive point of view that I am sharing about our world.

By the way, if some of you guys want to look at some other similar great videos, go on Global Oneness Project website.


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spread the love!

This video have been published earlier in the week on SuperForest.

When I watched it, I simply thought "I have to spread it, 'cause this is exactly how I am feeling"!I am a pig of happiness, and I can currently see the difference around me! Are you one?


Friday, 26 March 2010

My move – A new start

Another whole day of packing in anticipation of my next move. It is SO curative to sing loud with a headset on (we do not hear ourself and think that nobody else either...). My apologies to my current roommate! And by the way dear, I wish you to find your way, so that you can shine one day also. Then you'll see why it is so great. Keep it up, boy!
And you, other readers, if you have never tried that curative thing, well you really should!

So, Yes, I am moving out tomorrow morning (well, the first part of the move will be done. My furniture and most of my stuff will follow in a month). Thus, tomorrow night, another page of my life will be turned: I'll be back in Montreal and, Jee, so glad to be there!

My new roommate and I are both interior designers. I met her at school 8 years ago and we became great friends. She is now studying in traditional woodworking, and I can tell that she is super talented! We definitely are excited at the idea to spend time to clean, paint (with eco paint, obviously!) and renovate some little things in our old-style apartment. This is the reason why, for the next few weeks, it is possible that I put less time into writing posts...

Priority number one: the moving (and gather my good friends that I didn't see much since I quit the city last year to go up at 7 hours at north of the province too see the woods).

Second priority will be to do everything that I can to realise my wish to open my own raw food restaurant. There will be so many things to go through to accomplish that (elaborated the concept, create the recipes and the most important: go get the necessary subsidies)! This is a lot, but it is also announcing a great new start for me, and I am so excited!

Go Go Go!!


An optimistic socialist activist

I stand up for the equality between the genders.
I stand up for the sharing of wealths.
I stand up for the existence of one universal love.
We are all from one same big family,

So, can we simply live in the respect of all the beings?
Am I extremist? NO, I am optimistic.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

My not-so-defined thoughts...


I could say a cool wordplay to define what I think about it, but since it is a french wordplay, it won't have any sens for you... So, I would rather say that I used to think that "politic" was simply another hypocritical term to mean "Business and control at the global scale", a game where pawns are beforehand placed; where some are the puppets of the others, whose dangerousness is not to neglect. That they blind us with advertising and false needs, until we ask for more and even more of vegetative stuff (advertising and some kinds of irrelevant entertainments).

But now, because I see an emerging desire for changes, and since I see what the American president Barack Obama achieves to do, I just don’t know what to think anymore… He is definitely doing great things.

CHEER for the expansion of the health insurance coverage! The health-care legislation has been passed on last Sunday (March 21st), in the late evening. I am truly happy for my southern neighbours!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Taking action

Ok, now that I am done with the explanations of the "WHY?"... I'd like to share this:

On March 22nd, it was the World Water Day. And I joined the UNICEF Tap Project campaign.

We are 6 billions of people on our beautiful planet, two thirds covered by water, but still 900 millions of people (yes, it is ENORMOUS!) do NOT have access to drinkable water...
Sad, you say? Then share your wealth (because, YES, we are very RICH compared to them!) and donate, regardless the amount. There is no too small contribution! I did it, and I don’t even have a job right now, so we all can. DO IT!

It is nothing for us, but it is everything for them!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I am grateful for the love feeding

Since the joyous explosion of my "cocoon" (SEE TWO POSTS BEFORE), I got so many great reflexion moments, which were always ended up by being pushed deeper, due to my daily reading of my favourite blog, SuperForest. These guys are putting so much love in what they do, that they embellish so many people's lives! So, I just want to take a moment to thank them…


It so strange sometimes how we can feel so close to some people that we have never met and never talked to directly!

With all my gratefulness

My reasons why...

Then, now that you have the overview (ALL THE PREVIOUS POSTS), here is the main reason why I decided to start my blog - it's not that I HAVE to give reasons, but that I WANT to.

So, it goes like this...
Many of my close friends have perceived lately that I was living some big - some huge - changes... And you know what? I assume myself, and I am not ashamed to share them, I even feel a great joy in it, because it makes me push my ideas much further, which of course is very beneficial! And, who knows, maybe my shares will inspire others, like those of others inspired me lately, and which led me to this beautiful path where I am walking on since then, and where I feel so light.

So, welcome everyboby!

Explosion of joyfulness

Since my awareness (SEE PREVIOUS POST), I’m living great things, and I moved – about a year ago – up at the north of the Quebec province, to see what this region could offer me.

But I really started to live the next step of my great transformation about two weeks ago when, in a peak of enthusiasm to come back in Montreal city – yes, I’m going to move again! – and share an apartment with a great friend of mine, I got the genius idea to launch my own business (I hope to open a raw food restaurant).

From there, while I was traveling back to the north of Quebec, I philosophized with myself, to come up with this next image of myself:

I am a butterfly at its first moments. I am accomplishing my most important and beautiful change. My “cocoon” was already close to open, but just literally exploded, thanks to the inspiration that are giving me some great people, as the amazing SuperForest team and Jason Mraz, my favourite singer.

That day, - here I am taking somebody else's words - my attention has been shifted, as if somebody just turned my head, to let me see something else, to make me feel and experiment something bigger. My consciousness was opening to Oneness.
This last explanation has been brought to me by one of the many videos I've just watch on the
Global Oneness Project website.

Everything and everybody change. And this is exactly what I am doing. I can still say that I have been a very good caterpillar until my late 29th, and took a year and a half questioning myself in my deep interior, my “cocoon”. I’m going on my 31st in July, so it’s never too late to find "the real you"! I am now living a marvellous rebirth, and I am getting much more optimism each day!

So, here I am, in all my joy and gratefulness to be more alive than ever!

The awareness

Two years ago, after a trip to Costa Rica, I realized that I wasn’t happy at all with my whole life. I felt like I was not on the right path. I realized that I was consuming too much, that I was too much a materialist. So I took a decision that made everybody mad around me, but which was the best thing I could do for myself. I quit the suburban house and the long-term relationship, the person with whom I was fiancee. Mommy had to forget about being a grand mother for now… - Well, my brother finally changed things by having a wonderful little girl, whom I am crazy about! – Thus, I took a new turn, and moved in the big city of Montreal, where I slowly started to change my habits.

I adopted more green behaviours, I took some living food classes and quit smoking, I began to listen to myself, and I overcame a chronic tiredness. Yaay! Sometimes it’s good to go against the will of the others… no matter how difficult it can be!

Stand up for the real you!

Monday, 22 March 2010

There is always a beginning

Hello, friends of everywhere!

I'm following on so many others’ steps by creating my own blog to let know to everybody that there are so many beautiful things in life!

I recently tried to do it on my Facebook account, by opening it to everybody and translate my thoughts, so I can reach the most people as possible, but I finally realised that it was too much information to share with my closest friends, which are French speakers from the Quebec province (as I am). And so far, I didn't get so much of their excitement on reading my bilingual posts...whom I cannot blame, since it makes the posts too long.

So me - who do not know much about computers and all the new technologies that today’s kids are born with, and who just learned this month what is really a blog… - I'm going to have my own space for sharing!

In the next few days, I am going to explain how I came up with being so excited at the idea of sharing that much.
I hope that you’ll enjoy my positive sharings, 'cause YES, this space will be for positive thoughts only, since I am a positive person! But of course, you’ll have to excuse my shaky English…

If any of you wants to share with me also, I’ll be glad to read you!