Saturday, 30 October 2010

The sound of love - Together - Bob Sinclar

Even though it is far from being my favorite type of music, I absolutely love Bob Sinclair's messages. Here is a soooo lovely video -and of course with great lyrics- that I just found out! And this makes you think of... what?

Yes! This obviously makes me think of the Humanifesto video as well! What about teaming up and singing April's wonderful song, now? haha :)


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quote Of The Day

Good morning, sunshines!
I woke up this morning... and just stayed in bed like I absolutely love to do on every morning on weekends! Savoring the begining of a brand new day (and a totally-free-of-time-day!). I've never have been able to understand people that are just freaking out badly when they have free time in their hands (like: "Oh no! What the heck am I gonna do? I have to go to work!"). I am definitely not one of those, praying during the whole weekend so that Monday comes back quickly, or being alone at the office -by choice- on the weekends, working like a crazy 'cuz this is my confort zone. Nope, this is not mine!

Thus, I stayed in bed dreaming, eyes wide open, rethinking the whole world. My own little paradise, in which all of you are with me. And happy and smily, this makes me be! Once my vision is satisfying enough, then I kick myself out of the bed, well start the day and do something that will get me closer to this vision! Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not different than anybody: I also have those super lazy days sometimes! But then I blog a little positive something, which is another way to bring some good changes. Don't you think?

And right now, I make myself smiling, 'cause I realize how easily I can always get away from my main subject! What I want to share with you is that this morning, during this savouring moment that I've given myself, I rolled over myself and I extended my arm to grab a little book that I just received in present. It's a pocket book of optimistic quotes. It's a french translated version of
A Thousand Paths to Long Life. The principle is that you randomly pick a page and read a quote. As simple and lovely as it is!

And this made me feel like to add a new series of post to A Commitment To Shine! This will take a pretty short form: just the quote itself. Ha! This one will be easy! But it will speak much and make you smile. How does it sounds to you?

Okay, even if the form is different (much longer, though!) let start it right now with this very first QOTD:

"Enjoyment is accessible here and now. Let yourself be guided by your heart". Anonymous


Monday, 25 October 2010

BlogBlast For Peace 2010: be tuned!

Will you jump in and blog about peace with all of us on November 4th? Please, get informed about this blogger event by clicking HERE.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, SuperForest!!

Those who read SuperForest can probably recognize some traits of A Commitment To Shine that are directly inspired from this first blog, which is my favorite daily reading. You all can imagine that I couldn’t even think not to take part of this wonderful project of creating a video reflecting its fundamental values and its positive influence in this wonderful world! In only two weeks, the idea for this project came out, 56 people from all around the world have jumped in (reciting portions of the Humanifesto –if you haven’t yet, you really should read this great document, translated in 19 languages!) and this most superforesty video has been produced and came out so wonderfully! AWESOME! Watch this out y’all!

Since I got to know this positivity blog, I stopped reading newspaper and watching TV. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care, don’t get me wrong: it’s totally the opposite! Where I’ve changed my point of view is here:

Reading newspapers and watching TV was bringing me to focus on the bad actions/news happening everywhere. Thus, I came to realize that, by focusing on it, I was only amplifying and feeding the general depressive state coming out of it. We don’t NEED to know WHICH bad actions/news are actually happening in WHICH part of the world to be conscious that some are happening at anytime. And I think that where we can change our very own output into all of this is by feeding ourselves with uplifting and very positive things/info AND TO THROW IT BACK INTO THE UNIVERSE (this is way much more effective than panicking, that's for sure!). Being uplifting with positivism makes us vibrating higher, which has only good effects on ourselves, on others surrounding us and on the whole planet, be assured. And this is where SuperForest interferes.

SuperForest inspires me. SuperForest uplifts me. SuperForest makes me smile and gives me some more reasons to be grateful for each day. SuperForest speaks to my heart, and my heart resounds in the universe.

Back to seven months ago, I used to think that my very little person didn’t have any valuable power in this so wide world. I used to sadden me at the fact (I thought) I couldn’t change anything to some sad situations, and since I am very sensible to so many things, every day I was easily able to find something to be frustrated about!

But then Jason Mraz’s music resounded to my heart. Intrigued, I wanted to know more about. And I discovered a whole universe of positivity. I discovered SuperForest. Now opened to it, only some tiny unexpected experiments occuring into my life have been enough to wake me up to something else, and to realize the role we all have, each and everyone. EVERYTHING took another sense. My life is in perpetual changing since then, and everyday is a new occasion to make a difference and to join my small but VALUABLE contribution to change the world for the best.


In love and gratitude,

P.S. YOU "encouraged ME to step out of our comfort zones and take action toward the things I believe in"!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Inventions that we love: a plastic eater!

I am so excited by this find that has been delivered to me by Facebook... well, by my friend Amanda. THANK YOU Amanda! Oh, man, I love the Internet for its easy process of high-speed learning and sharing! Please, watch this, and tell me what you think!

I say: YES!! Now let's take the big patch of plastic that is in the middle of the ocean, and have it eaten all up by this machine!! Whahaha!

Okay, you'll probably be tempted to say "yeah, but oil is not good either", totally legitimate: this has been exactly my first reaction during the very first seconds... then I said... "Hey, wait a minute!": there are some kinds of plastic that cannot be recycled... and where does this plastic go? At the dump. And it produces bad gases anyway. So why not?! And hell yeah, I've thought: let's put this machine on a boat and bring it to this big plastic patch!

What do you think, my friends? Worths it?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

WE ARE the environment

Have you ever been caught in a swirl of questions facing something that you feel so strong, but which you don't understand? It happens to me more and more frequently... As if it is my heart that is starting to understand things... But the mind, not wanting to lose the lead, engages a struggle, which simply freezes me completely, staying there for hours, endlessly questioning myself, juggling with question marks and missing answers.

I can say that this is what happens each time I come back in town, after a hike in the woods. Just as today. When I find myself surrounded by nature, I simply FEEL things. My heart is all there. IT sees, feels, understands every living forms. I don't need to talk. My HEART is communicating with everything that is surrounding me. The light seems to have another color. The whole universe takes another sens.

Then I come back in town... and something brings my mind back. And I get lost in the struggle. And... the mind sometimes wins and leaves me having doubts about my mental health, I admit! :P

Today, this video -from my daily reading of my favorite blog, which you all know as being
SuperForest- made me understand something (well, obviously yes I understood, or I wouldn't even have been able to write the first two paragraphs, since I couldn't put words on all of this before!)... Please take a moment to watch it.

Okaaaaay! Is that why I was feeling so connected with the nature? Yeaaaah! I AM the environment! Strange how I was able to feel it but not to understand it, because I couldn't put words on it. Thus, I couldn't link up. --Words, words, yeah... My opinion is that us humans need them too much at times! And I count myself into this. We pay too much attention to words and not enough to feelings-- All this to say that I already had the answers in my hands (coming from music that I listen to: "I'm all of you", "We’re all just here as one"), but I couldn't fully understand these words (and still, am I really fully integrating this notion?), since it doesn't make sens to the mind. And I was feeling all of this without understanding what I was feeling.

I think I couldn't because it is not logical to the point of view that had been given to me by the society in which I live, and because the mind is trained to always take the wheel. It definitely isn't an easy task to get away from what has been inculcated! And I am so grateful to now get to see with the eyes of my heart! Even if this sometimes means that I have to face some others' eyes telling me that I am a fool. All of what I receive from giving greater openness and more importance to my heart worth it a thousand times! Thank you, wonderful life, to never cease to amaze me!

Now I should say: because you are reading this, I KNOW you are aware of and taking good care of the environment. So from here, what can we do more? Raise awareness of others surrounding us. Preach for Mother Nature. Yeah, preach for Her! Without any fear of judgement. Because those who judge will not change anything, but WE have the power to change the way that all of us are looking at the environment... And that, by dint of speaking, it will eventually no longer be a matter of judgement anyway... It's thus up to us to change it all!

WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT. Let's treat it with as much of consideration as we treat ourselves, and this world will definitely be a better place!

Friday, 15 October 2010

The global movement to unity

This year, I discovered (yeah, tons of astonishing things, but this is one more!) the international campaign, dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis.

350 is the number of parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere to get back to, to avoid runaway climate change. 350 is the number of writers, scholars, activists, leaders, and visionaries who support the cause and message.

Did you noticed the song whistled in background? Yeah! It's Home, from these guys that we love: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! What a good match, don't you think?

As the video is showing, each individual can make a whale of a difference. This is why I decided to jump into action even if I remembered of all of this only on the night before and that it was too late to register to any established working group (there were many different ones in and around Montreal: conferences, help on farming, potlucks, and more). Thus, on the very morning of the 10/10/10, I didn't yet know what I would be doing to join my forces, but I knew one thing for sure: I would be contributing, no matter what!

as I expected, the day has been a source of joy and an opportunity for new connections. I knew I could trust the universe to guide me to great sources of inpiration, so I've just followed its flow, which has led my friend Rachel and I out of the town for a bit of hiking at the Mont Saint-Gregoire, in the village where I grew up as a teenager.

Since the village is well known for its orchards and its sugar houses, I naturally thought: "Hey, let's stop by and pick some apples, which we'll distribute on our hike!"
Well... I said that the idea of picking apples came naturally, which is absolutely true but so funny! Okay, I'll explain myself here: believe it or not, I was doing it for the very first time in my life!! Don't you think that it is very strange that the first fruits I've been picking and eating fresh in the next minute (from a tree I mean, not from bushes. That, I did it often, though!) were exotic fruits, as Liliko'i (passion fruits) and litchees, and NOT the famous fruits from my country? I think it's kind of weird... and sad, at some point! But I am lucky enough for it became a natural reflex since that trip to Kauai. Better late than never, as they say! Right?

Thus, this is what we did. We went to one of the many orchards, picked two types of apples and we filled our bag. Then we jumped back in the car and headed off to the mountain for a short hiking. By the time we arrived on the first top, we had given almost all of the apples: "Hello! Would you like a fresh picked apple?" and we were started, connecting with every person we were passing by, and telling them about the special day and the importance of preserving our environment. Wow! How fun it was and so cool cats we met! Everybody was more than happy for this "unsual" connection. what is it "unsual", are you wondering? Well in Quebec province (maybe it's similar in many other parts of the world, but I can't really say...), people like to connect with others, but they do not (probably just because living into our mind and not into our heart, and stopping ourselves in the fear to be judge?)... but if you make the first steps, they will be pleased and smiley. So this is what I try to do more and more, and that makes me happy!
Rachel and I had a quick pic-nic on the belvedere, finished to distribute the last apples, chatted for a while with two nice guys that we met, before to walk down back with them, while refilling our empty bag with all the trash we found on our way. Yaaayy!! Now I can say that we jumped in the special day of unity for a healthier globe!!
Once arrived at the foot of the mount, we lay down for a moment in the fallen leaves and filled our nostrils with their good smell. Then, we finally sorted the garbage to throw away and the recycling before leaving.
Ahhh! What a wonderful day! It felt so damn good to jump into that day of action! Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving me the chance, every single day, to see your beauty! Peace to you, beautiful blue globe!

Please feel free to share about that day! Have you done anything? Do you have any good ideas for the next worldwide action day?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The sound of love - Si Au Moins J'étais Deux - Maco

For this one, I've chose this best instrumental version of the original song by Maco. I first heard this version in a publicity for the milk, on Quebec television a few years ago. I love this melody, if only I could whistle well...

Okay, I admit that you probably should drop the slightly insidious french message of the end...! ;)
Stay tune to know how I celebarted and commited myself on the 10/10/10!

Monday, 11 October 2010

A SuperMrazy show!

So! Since many of you are readers of the amazing blog that is SuperForest, I think that, by now, many already have an idea of how intensively vibrant must have been my last Tuesday, right? I was so eager to share this with you! But you understand that there was no way I would have stolen the punch that was to come up there!

So now watch out: this will probably be the longest post I will ever write! 'Cause I have not one, but two great things to write about: my first meet up with the incredible SuperForester Heather, and my very first attendance to a Jason Mraz concert. And guess what: both on the same day! Yeah! I know! I've been totally overwhelmed all day long! And to top this all, we have been so kindly greeted by the people who are great sources of inspiration for us!

Now, come on and jump on board, I'll try to bring you back into my shoes and be your tour guide for that day!

Let's start it this way: I woke up on Tuesday morning with a smile upon my face... so just as every morning... but with the slight difference that this time, it just stayed sat there all day long, like in a facial cramp! I am sure you got the picture though!

I should probably say that less than 125 miles are separating Heather and I, and since we both live in somewhat important cities, it is easy to travel between both, using public transportations. Thus, because I do not drive, I've jumped in the bus linking Montreal to Ottawa. And during the ride, guess what I have been doing? Listening to some Mraz Music, of course! Sounded so appropriate, right? Well, it would have been hard to make it differently, since his last cd (along with The Makepeace Brothers LRC cd and some indian chantings) is the only music that I've transfered into my MP3 player, to always accompany me wherever I go! The excitment for what was to come, plus the music I was listening to, and the few pages of the first chapter of the book I've just started to read, made the two hours and a half bus ride passed pretty fast! By the way, when I'll be done with that book (The Prospering Power Of Love) I will definitely have to tell you more about it. This book -that has recently been given to me with a whole bunch of similar ones- was the best thing to start to read to vibrate the lyrics during the concert! But for now, let's just go back to my trip to Ottawa, okay?

So! I've got off the bus on the lunch time in a Ottawa shining bright under a wonderful sun. Yeah! So sunny it was! Well, how else could have been that incredible day, right?! The radiant Jason Mraz was in town! And along with Miss Joyfulness in person, a.k.a Tricia Huffman! That day was starting so well! I then joined a super smily SuperForester Heather (although she was a little sick). The connexion has been immediate, so easy and natural! She was absolutely as rad as I was expecting she would be! By the way, I must declare how grateful I am to get to know so many utterly amazing beings since last spring! Life is infinitely generous, and I thank her everyday for that!

Here we are! In the excitement of the last minutes
of waiting before the party starts!

Together, we headed off to Kanata town center, where we spent a part of the afternoon and the evening. We enjoyed the beautiful sunny day by sitting on the grass and having great talks about amazing things in life, and by walking (a lot!) around, and -YES!- by briefly meet the inspiring superforesty singer and activist Jason Mraz AND the as inspiring joyologist Tricia, who so kindly gave us some of her time to tell us more about how she is living it, being on tour.

I want to warmly thank once more the so lovely and generous souls found in miss Tricia and in Jason Mraz! The excitement of the moment (and my brain already exhausted for having talked so much of english during the last few hours), simply had locked my mouth. And today I can simply bite my fingers for not having expressed to SuperForester Jason my high regards for his pretty intense commitment to every forms of life, and all my gratitude to the person who gave me the greatest gift possible, which was to turn my head onto the real essence of life. Although I am sure my whole self shone the feeling, I should have hug and properly say thanks. I can say that, once more, I didn't followed the rule of Never let my mind to stop me from having a good time! Well, I shall now thank the life for giving me this lesson and reminder that will be stuck with me for a long time!

What else?...
haha! I know, I know, you can't wait to know about the CONCERT! You've been so patient! Thank you! And, as you all expected: it was totally AWESOME!!! My ears, my heart, my whole self and soul were listening to the caress of the loveful lyrics and music, and dancing on a prayer to the whole universe to feel and hear the call for a loveful and peaceful universal family to unify and care into saving and loving what is there for us! Ahhh, how I would have loved this concert to continue to party, karamu, fiesta all night long! haha

The only (kind of) shadow on the lovely day was to realize that only a minority of Jason Mraz's fans present there seemed to have fully understood and integrated his message... As SuperForester Heather already said in her post, the plastic bottles all over the place were an important reminder for the emergency to find solutions and, of course, to continue to put efforts to aware people even more...

That's about it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed the little story of my day! For those who haven't read SuperForester Heather's post yet, you can easily remedy the situation by clicking HERE!

Sending you a part of the bliss, which my bateries have been fulfilled with by the groovy concert!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Let's rally today!

Heyo pals! Today is the 10/10/10!
A while ago, I've heard that this intention has been put up for a special day of worldwide rallies, but for a reason that is escaping me, it went in the drawer of oblivions at the back of my head... But it has been miraculously brought back to my concious yesterday night -right before I go to bed- by a friend of my enlarged universal family sharing the link of

Thus, because I am at the very last minute, I won't be of the same commitment that I would have liked, but hey, I won't drop it, oh no! You know you can always count me in for you, beautiful blue globe! So I will do something for sure! Don't know what yet, but for sure it will be much fun!

Thus, my fellow humans, I am asking: will you be in today? Whatever your action is, send me your pictures in, so we can share about! And remember that there is no too small action! Can't wait to read you about this very special day!

P.S. do not despair for my post about Jason Mraz's concert, it's coming! The starving internet just ate it all up last night to remember me priorities... so I've listened to it and I ran outside to join a friend of mine! I will have to start it all over again... but not today, 'cuz I'll be out to enjoy that day! Love!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Heading off to Ontario

It is with so much of excitment that I'm am writing this pretty short post tonight! Why's that? Because tomorrow morning, I'll be jumping in a bus to head off to the neighboring province to attend to my very first Jason Mraz show! Woohooo! Yes! I am waiting for this since I discovered his amazing music "from heart to hearts" - which means since only (but although pretty long) 7 months!

This will be very high in energies, I can feel it! This guy, along with other people (most of whom I never met) are at the origin of my transformation, like guides to a trail of which I did not suspect the presence, on which I never cease to be amazed since then. I can't wait to tell you more about the experience (that it will be) to feel and to welcome this powerful wave of love more deeply than ever, by being directly on the spot!

Yes, my dear friends, for sure I am: