Monday, 4 October 2010

Heading off to Ontario

It is with so much of excitment that I'm am writing this pretty short post tonight! Why's that? Because tomorrow morning, I'll be jumping in a bus to head off to the neighboring province to attend to my very first Jason Mraz show! Woohooo! Yes! I am waiting for this since I discovered his amazing music "from heart to hearts" - which means since only (but although pretty long) 7 months!

This will be very high in energies, I can feel it! This guy, along with other people (most of whom I never met) are at the origin of my transformation, like guides to a trail of which I did not suspect the presence, on which I never cease to be amazed since then. I can't wait to tell you more about the experience (that it will be) to feel and to welcome this powerful wave of love more deeply than ever, by being directly on the spot!

Yes, my dear friends, for sure I am:


  1. You'll be in a bliss. I tell ya, he's gonna get you. His music comes into your deep deep deeeeeeep down in your heart and your body spontaneously moves. Sing, dance, absorb yourself in his LOVE emanating music!!! Can't wait to hear about the show!!! I look up the sky tonight and look for a brightest spot. That would be YOU! You'll be shining as an amazing light of LOVE :)

    so, ready? On y va!!

    Love, love, love...


  2. JEALOUS! I'm waiting for him to return to vancouver.
    You are going to have an amazing time!

  3. Hey there, ladies!
    You probably now understand why I stayed quiet 'til now! I simply couldn't steal the Heather's punch!

    No doubt that I totally had a moment very high in energies! Yes, miss Hana, you probably saw me from NYC though!

    I am a buzzzy little bee right now, but I promise that a post will come up soon, for your complete satisfaction!
    - M.E

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You are the luckiest girl in the world :D I am so Happy for you!!! OMG, you met jason & Tricia, visited Zero One, Co-writing a blog with Miss, what's next, Miss Sunshine? Where are you heading to???! Can't wait to hear about your next big journey!

    I just came back from a work. You know....Universe is listening to what I'm asking for. I would follow the affirmation word Tricia wrote on the mirror in a bathroom : What I want wants ME. I trust my universe, I love my universe, I Love LIFE!

    Hey, Thank you for keeping the big secret....that was rad :) Love surprises always!

    Have a sweet weekend! I'm sure you're still in a dream world of Jason ;)

    Love and gratitude,


  5. Haha! I recognise that I can't complain about all the awesomenesses that I am attracting lately!
    What's next? For sure many other things, and I can't wait to live them! ;)

    Yeah, each of Tricia's QOTD are as brilliant as the others! And I am so happy to read about your own attraction from the Universe! Surf on it, my dear friend! I can feel that you'll bring it far far away though! Cheers!