Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A bit of poetry

I am not a poet at all. I maybe end up to lay some singular verses like once a year, when I am extraordinarily inspired by something, someone, or a whole magical world that really affected me in a good way, and I've never shared them.

But while I was doing camping with the wonderful Rainbow Family of Quebec this summer, I've met dozens of inspiring people. Two of them in particular got my attention, and they gave me their poem booklet. I'd like to share a part of their work with you. I am pretty sure they would be agree with my choices!

This first one has been written by Henrik Vierula, a young and highly energetic man that I kept passing by while he was frolicking in the trails, shooting "You are beautiful and I love you!" to everyone! Here goes the untitled poem:

My fellow humans,
This is an invitation for you to awaken,
to your true nature as light workers,
for our very name hu-man contains the clue:

a hue is a colour in a spectrum of light
which a prism can divide
the rainbow inside the light of the sun
the light of the one
in motion

and a man is potential to manoeuvre
and manipulate this light.

I can see it in your eyes, reflected in a smile,
when we laugh and make light of a situation.

Illumination is our natural state of affairs,
our statements and affirmations frame our perception
and a string of words can turn into
tunnel vision
repetition, hypnotism, television that's the prism
that divides the spectrum of race and religion,
all meta-fiction scripting our relation to every-one.
The one in every-body, personified melody,
speak it into being:
identify i-densify
make dense the matter, materialize

The two next ones are only parts of texts (since his are longer) from another loveful fellow, but whom was completely different in the energy he was vibrating. With his bald head and his utterly calm attitude, he was making me think of a Buddhist monk. His smile has something really inviting and comforting. Something from the divine, as if all the love of the Universe was sitting in. Emanated from him all the beautiful light gathered from all those places of wisdom he visited. Thus, here go the two parts, written by Joseph Corallo:

Not All Angels Have Wings

Not all angels have wings, but they all have love.
Some are simple like you and me, ordinaryhuman beings learning to be better everyday. It's natural for angels to love and be good, but it is miraculous for humanbeings to be able to do what angels do. Wings or no wings, we are angels too, and able to fly.

The world doesn't need more jewels and treasures, but it sure needs more compassion and love. Diamonds may be shining and bright, but a happy soul shines even brighter. If you come with me, we would do so many wonderful things together. We will make the world a better place, transforming it into a globe of love. I will show you how to charge yourself with God's pure light, so you can shine day and night.

Now, with all this inspiration in my hands, maybe one day you here will be the very firsts to read one of my own tries? Who knows!

I invite you to meet up with the Rainbow Family of your country next summer (yes, the family is all over the world!). I garanty you that you'll meet only amazing brothers and sisters, each as inspiring as the other. And why not traveling up to here, and meet us? There were people from all around the globe here this summer! Cheers to the extended family!


  1. That was so awesome! Thanks for posting this! I put the poem on my blog devoted to rainbows (and also a link to the page about Rainbow Gatherings). Check it out!

    Also, funny, I first heard about a "rainbow gathering" while reading a book during my time at Zero One hehe. I definitely want to partake in one in the future! SO COOL!

    LOVE IT! Peace!

  2. I'm glad you liked it, Jenni!
    Ha, funny! I attended to my very first Rainbow Gathering only 3 weeks after I came back from Zero One! It is all related in energies I guess!

    Yes, you definitely HAVE to partake to the next one close to your place! I've also heard that the next international one is planned to be in Argentina at the end of February 2011... But these international one are crazy huge events: a couple of thousand of people from all around the world! Can you imagine? Ha!

    Have an amazing weekend, Jenni! Love,

  3. You are Beautiful and I LOVE You !!!

  4. Henrik! Haha! I should have expected this one! :) We all love you too, as you can see! Shine, oh shine, dear brother! LoVE!

  5. Hi Marie-Eve (Such a beautiful name!). I am Pati Kirkpatrick and comment on Supeforest often. YES... I am a Superforester. I have seen the photo's of your visit to Zero One along with so many others. I love your blog. I also really loved the "secret" journey you and Heather took with our wonderful Mr. Mraz. Lovely poems here. I am wondering if this is the same "Rainbow" family that moves around our parts here in the Pacific Northwest? Probably so. I am 55 and grew up in San Francisco and across the Bay too so I am probably a "Rainbow" person myself in some ways. Thank you for the poems. Really lovely writing!
    With LOVE ~ Pati ;^♏

  6. Hello Pati!
    Welcome on A Commitment To Shine! Thank you for your kind words!

    Yes, it is the same one: at base, the Rainbow Family is one big loveful and universal family with members all around the world!

    Thank you for adding your beautiful colors to this world! Love,