Monday, 13 September 2010

It's time for some Quebec music!

Happy Monday everyone!

I did not really intend to narrate you each of my weekend... But it seems that I can't help but to do so! 'Cause I am too lucky and they are too extraordinary! Haha

Seriously, I came up wanting to share with you what will come next because of the great evening I got last saturday, to picnic with some friends in the park. After having joined our hands before starting to share the yummy things we all had brought, one of my friend asked: "Hey, don't you feel like, each in turn, to report a beautiful moment of our week?" Then we have been discussing for a long moment about nice things. The just-so-perfect question! But we had to put a limitation to the current week ('cause we would still be there talking at this time!), and I couldn't help but to think about a moment I had the weekend before, so let me share it now, with you all!

Back to a bit more than a week, I went to a fest called La Fête Bières & Saveurs with some very cool cats. The event -that promotes the flavors of local produces, such as beers, cheeses and grilled meats- is settled down every year in a very beautiful park, on the historical site of the Fort Chambly, on the edge of the Richelieu River. There, I got a few of great moments, as to connect with really amazing people, and to taste delicious food and liquids. Then, what a surprise to see a friend of us playing with his band!

I'd like to share their music with you. They are called Écho Kalypso, and I must warn you: you'll be groovin' on and demanding for more, 'cuz they are awesome!

I told you! Yes? Now, I highly recommend that you go on their MySpace and discover some more from them. I really enjoy Citoyen and Olan, both commited songs.

Echo Kalypso: Where was I for never having seen this amazing video? You really should make some others! It is of such quality! Thank you, guys for your music, that has added so much to the great time we all have had that weekend! And what a frantic moment we had with that incredibly beautiful rainbow coming out while you were singing your last song! Yep! A DOUBLE RAINBOW, my friends!! And it turned so bright for a moment! I was sooo feeling like in that famous Youtube video that has been seen all over the world! Aahhh, so moving! :)

Okay, now let's end that post by sharing with you which are the beers I've tasted there! Remember they were some of the products in the spotlight of this fest... Thus, booth after booth, we discovered new beers made by some Quebec's carft breweries. I've had three (which is way enough for my small shape!):
  • Saison No.6, a white beer with lavender brewed by Boquébière.
  • El Lapino, a very delicious (and spicy!) blond beer with jalapenos, brewed by Microbrasserie du Lièvre. I already knew them for their Ginger Beer (which is my favorite beer, along with La Chi Orientale -an unfiltered white beer brewed from barley, wheat and rice, flavored with ginger, citrus and citronella- this one brewed by Brasseurs de Montréal.
  • Brune Au Miel, a beer with organic honey and caramel, also brewed by Microbrasserie du Lièvre.

I've been very pleased with all of the choices I made! Quebec brews beer of a really great quality!

If you are one of my fellow citizen and you've never been to this festival yet, well you really should go! And if you are living in another beautiful part of the world and you plan to visit us next summer, please stop by La Fête Bières & Saveurs to have a taste of our Quebecer flavours and of our warm music!

Bring your tankard, and come to say hi and sit down on the grass to enjoy a good show!

Enjoy the fresh breezes offered by this nice month of September, everyone!


  1. Splendid Marie-Eve!

    Music, friends, the outdoors and beers that’s an awesome mix… I try really hard to stay connected with my French Canadian culture, but it isn’t always easy while living in the big USA. Thanks to Sirius radio, I’m able to somewhat stay on top of Canadians artists. I’m always up to learn about new one’s so thanks for sharing Echo Kalypso. As far as beers goes… I can thank Word of Beer, they carry over 500 beers and my first one is always a Canadian one.

    Keep spreading the Sunshine Marie-Eve… even though it'ss raining down here in Florida today, I felt it through your vibe.

    Merci !

  2. Yaay! Cheers up for Steph! :)
    You are sooo welcome! All the pleasure is for me!

    It's a little gray and rainy here too, but I am playing arm wrestling with it! hehe

    The World of Beer... You're not talking about the festival in Wisconsin, don't you? Curious to know which is your favorite one!?

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your very kind words, Steph! And have an amazing day!
    Love and rays of sunshine coming out of those clouds!

  3. World of Beer is a place where my friends and I gather to play catch up and taste some wonderful beers. Speaking of festival my friend is heading to the GABF this weekend. That should be tons of fun.

    So far I have to say I really enjoy the Unibroue Trois Pistoles... Which one is your favorite Marie-Eve?

    Still raining here, but I'm smiling away :)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Ah! GABF sounds great!
    I know Trois Pistoles, of course, but I don't really like Unibroue products... All the tastes are fine! But if I had to choose only one, then I'd probably say "La Chi Orientale", by the "Brasseurs de Montréal".
    Enjoy YOUR day, Steph! ☼