Thursday, 9 September 2010

I am posting LoVE!

Back to last april, the discovery of the blog Things We Forget had inspired me for a series of love spreading actions. But, as summer was passing by, and as I was being busy doing camping and meeting up friends, I’ve been close to forget my mission. But a post of SuperForester Aaron about secret agents of positivity spreadings has refreshed the desire to accomplish it.

So here is what I came up with, by the mix of the two sources of ideas, and what I did on last Friday evening… (excuse the bad quality of my pictures!)

Yep, you well guessed it! I've walked across the streets of my neighbourhood and I left love notes anonymously! And especially this street was beautifully blooming with flowers!

Okay, now I know what many will tell me: ''Yeah but what do you do with your fighting against wasting, Marie? Aren't you supposed to be green?'' Yep, I can hear you from here! Haha! Aaaah, I love you all so much! ;)

Yes, I am green. But I am trying to get a little less drastic when it comes in terms of making someone's day, and to give a chance to convince some of my peers for starting to accomplish random acts of kindness. Because I AM convinced it worth it!

Thus, I now keep my little yellow pad and my red felt pen in my bag, always ready to be used! Transform yourself also into special agent! Not the kind doing sabotage, no! The kind "working to spread positivity and joy in the world"! Yes!


  1. Keep it up we need sun and water to grow!

  2. Hey! Surprise, surprise! Muchas gracias Kike! Our dear sun is shining so bright today, y asi estoy tambien! :)