Monday, 6 September 2010

Meet up with our Inner Child

I know I've shared much more personnal/spiritual stuff lately, but I think that what I am experiencing are gifts of life, and that everybody should be allowed to experience it and share about it. So, I am saying: ''Why not?'' It seems that this does not help only me, but some of you also. Thus, if this must be part of the many tangents that is taking my blog, that's fine!

Then, here is another one!
A sister from my large universal family has recently published an awesome post –which I recommend to have a read of, on her blog :
Today, Tomorrow, And Sometime Yesterday– that made me take a cosmic journey.

Through the read of the post, she made me stop and think to my Young Me. And through this thinking, I saw more clearly one important thing:
that I am not two, but one, in a different time and space.

Okay, let’s make a digression to explain myself: since my shift to a different mentality, I was seeing myself as a (kind of) new entity, as if I was a too different person and not recognising the old me… So wrong I was! I can now see and admit that it seemed easier to cut myself from this past of wounds than to undertake the long journey for its heal. It is clear that this path would have led me to the eventual return of things...

Thus, with the flow of my thoughts, triggered by the read of the post, I realized that a much bigger part of me didn’t changed as much as I thought. I did not became someone else: I've evolved! Duh, I know it seems clear to most of you but, nope, it wasn’t for me! Thus, as and when I was realizing all this, I slowly entered in a fairy garden –probably something to do with the drawings of the post- where I met my Young Me, nicely sat down in a fetal position under a magestic tree -a Weeping Willow tree, for sure. I took the time to observe and feel Young Me, then we connected. Tears of joy and compassion gain me, and I told her how proud I was of how she made it this far! I held her in my arms, against my heart, so she can feel all the love fulfilling it and to give her the courage for even better.

This cosmical connection with Young Marie-Eve totally dumbfounded me. And now this post will be there to always remember me of returning for quick visits, to give myself a hug and bring me the healing peace. Coming back from there, feeling this love I've just been giving myself through my Young Me, has no price, and I think ''This is wonderful''! This definitely is an experience I recommend to everyone!

I also began to divide the clutters of my closet and mind, as sister Hana wrote about, and do some cleaning, to give back to the moments from the past what is their own, and move forward feeling lighter, and get ready for a new adventure! Yay!! Dear Universe, get ready to feel and feed me with your awesomeness! Haha!

Much gratitude for this great reading and for everything that resulted from this. Thank you, Miss Flower Joyologist from the Big Apple! Love,
~Marie ♥


  1. For about a year I have been practicing Laughter Yoga and it is all about connecting with your inner child. It is so freeing to be silly and creative. I have really opened up a lot but when I look back on how I was before tapping into this playful place I realize that the only thing standing in my way was myself. Funny how that works : )

    When you talk about "...I hold her in my arms, against my heart, so she can feel all the love fulfilling it and to give her courage for even better." it reminded me of something I did in a workshop once. There is a program called SafeTeen ( that they exposed us to at school when I was in high school. There were three figures we had to create: A Wise Woman, a Bitch and our little girl. I don't remember what we did with the other two but we had to visualize putting the girl in a safe place and loving her. Very mind opening experience.

  2. Konbanwa/Good Evening!

    wow, thank you for digging my post. I am so happy to share it with you :) Your insightful thoughts are amazing, miss sunshine. and glad you're reconnected with your past, little Marie-Eve.
    Llittle version of ourselves might have a bit of different looks...but we are " ONE ". We are here in the present, continuing a journey to see what's in life by appreciating all the experiences in the past. Meeting up with your own past is sometimes painful, but it may be useful to conquer the repetitive issues.
    oh, and love the way you treated your little one! Yes! Love and hugs for Little Marie-Eve!!

    Thank you again, Marie-Eve :)

    Now I'm gonna crash...! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

    Love, <3, 愛,


  3. Hey there, ladies!
    Hope you both doing well!

    Jenni~ Laughing makes incredible effects on the soul, that's for sure! As there is some all over the world, we have a few Laughter Clubs in Quebec too, but I never joined one yet. I think that we are missing it out with the kids in most of our schools... They are increasingly faced with difficult situations, but they are not given any tools, they must fend by themselves... The kind of program you talked about should be integrated everywhere! Thanks for the share, Jenni!

    Konbanwa, Hana! I like it! ;)
    Right on! Repetitive issues will never be broken if we do not go through this process. This is why I said that this path would have led me to the eventual return of things! Thanks for the underlining, Hana!

    Much love to you, dear ladies! ☼