Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No cars in town: We like it!

Breathe fresher and easier in downtown this week!
Hey, Montreal peeps, do not forget! Use the subway to go downtown this week, or you’ll get stuck!

A loud YES, I am saying! I love this week called “In Town Without My Car”, which takes place every year (always around today's date) since 2003. It all started with only one day but, on citizens demand, has just become a whole week for the very first year!

Thus, for five consecutive days, car traffic is forbidden in a certain area of the town (bounded by this quadrilateral) during daytime until 3:30 PM. In addition, the Place-des-Arts section of Sainte-Catherine St. will be closed to traffic until 8 PM! Awesome! Apparently, this is the largest perimeter closed to all vehicular traffic in a city among approximately 1300 cities organizing similar days in the world. This IS definitely something that makes me smiling very wide!

No gases emissions, no irritating horns: for sure we will breathe easier and be a way more zen!

Enjoy this great week, Montrealers! And you, yes YOU, other friends from other parts of this magnificent globe: Wanna share a green and inspirational initiative organized by your town? Please, go ahead! We want to know!

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  1. That's so awesome! I love that the city is on board. We need this in Vancouver. Yay for amazing things in Canada.