Friday, 24 September 2010

Pssst, hey friends! Have you missed the addition of the videos of two great Quebec's nature spots? Yes! I finally added the two vids to the post that is telling you about my last weekend of camping! Enjoy them by clicking HERE! I'm pretty sure that these will make you want to come visit our beautiful province next summer!


  1. Good job! Your voice is just the same as the one I had in my mind! Walking on your bare feet? Careful with chestnuts!! Acorn must be painful as well??? So good to be in the nature....I might get out of the city on Monday. ahhh...feeling the autumn air at this evening time. It was amazingly warm summery day though. Thank you for sharing the vids!! Yup, you're absolutely right. Wanna see trees!!!!!

    Enjoy your weeeeeeeeeeeeekend :)

    Love and gratitude,


  2. Haha! But this very low voice is not always with me... and I think this is really weird! I really have to pay attention when and why its there! Am I a split personality? haha

    So good to be in the nature, you say? It is the best part of being on Earth though! ;)

    Hope you've been able to make it and have saw your Monday in a beautiful green color!... well with maybe a bit of yellow and orangy: Automn is beautiful when walking in the forest!