Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cleaning your fridge is fun!

Yes, I know: All I seem wanting to share lately is about food. It looks like I'm eating up my emotions for seeing my favorite season to go away... It probably IS the case though! Can I move where it's always sunny and hot? haha! Oh well! I suppose I have to enjoy one more white season, then! What do they say again? Enjoy the NOW, yes, it must be it! ;)

So! The topic of the day: Who said that cleaning the fridge was just another yuky chore?
Of course, if you let a bunch of food to rot in it, you won't enjoy cleaning it! But hey, don't let your veggies to get wasted: turn them into cream soups as soon as they get a little too soft to be interesting to crunch onto! Cut them all in big chunks, whatever they are, brown them a little in a big cauldron, and scarcely cover it up with water, flavored with a bit of stock and spices. Let the mix boil until it gets just soft enough so your blender can turn it into cream. Once it is cooled down, separate it into a few small containers and freeze it. With not much efforts and just like a half hour, you'll have a delicious soup, just as grandma used to make those! For an accompaniment with your sandwich on a lunch time, you'll just have to take a quantity out of the freezer, reheat it -and it will then be up to you to add some milk or cream to make it more creamy if you'd like, or to add a handful of fresh sprouts to increase its nutritional value- and... TADAM!

Here are the benefits that I got from the last cleaning of my fridge.

Two different soups. I've put in the right cauldron: a broccoli (with all of its trunk), one big onion, just a bit of leek, a yellow potatoe, chicken broth and Provence herbs -which gave me two big yogurt containers- while my left cauldron was being treated with a few carots who started getting hairs, a bunch of yellow beans, some leeks, two leftovers of onions, a yellow potatoe and a small leftover of celery, water, chicken stock and Provence herbs. -No need to specify for each: everything was organic! Yum, is saying my body!- Towards the end of cooking, I added: a bunch of fresh basil, the leaves of the celery and two diced tomatoes. This marvellous mix gave me three big yogurt containers to freeze.

Doesn't it make your mouth watering and make you want to run to your fridge for a clean? Yeah? Well, this makes me happy, 'cause it was the purpose of my post! :)

Okay, Mother Nature likes to have a snack with your wastes, but just snacks, yo! Not your whole fridge!

Have fun turning yummies into meals before they get wasted! And enjoy the colors of the fall season! Yes, it's officially there!

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