Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Everydays!

Happy Sunday, beautifuls!

I hope that each of you is having the most wonderful Holidays ever, and is spending a great time with your loved ones, family and friends. Persuing in the same tone than how has been this entire year of 2010, something is changing a lot for me in my perception of Christmas. I never felt this much disconnected to this huge tradition, but never had such a great time and feeling this much well surrounded and loved.

I am going through it in the opposite way that I've ever been. I did not even put a foot in a mall or a shop. I've always been a giver type. I've always had so much pleasure to give gifts, way more than to receive one. But this year, I did not give any, and I haven't receive any either. But I realise that I gave and received way much more than ever before.

Nothing as been done in the traditionnal way. No turkey, no meat pie, no meatball and pigs' feet stew, and no sweet pickled onions and gherkins. Dressed as I am everyday, wearing no makeup, just as everyday, I found myself surrounded with lovely and simple people, all friends, from old times and brand new ones also. No one have had the trouble to cook for days and being stressed out to create the ONE BIG reception. Each party that I took part at, was from the same formula: potluck style. Everyone bring a meal and a drink to share, some bring a game to play, others bring a music instrument. And the night takes different turns, as the time goes by and as we are enjoying each other and the special moment.

Yep, I see that you noticed: it is all about SHARING. Sharing food, sharing drinks, sharing laughts and stories, and hugs. Looking at this celebration time with these new eyes, I see that everyday should be Christmas. Everyday should be a celebration and an occasion to share with friends and family. Material gifts last for a certain time, but great moments with closer friends, will add a plus value to our life, in one way or another, that will last forever, since it becomes a part of you. Thus, I officially rename this time of year: from now on, I won't wish Happy Holidays to anyone, but Happy EVERYDAYS! YES! :D

Yesterday night, I had no plans for today. And this morning I went outside to have a breakfast with a friend, and tonight we are going to another friend's place for another potluck and playing an hawaiian board game. Tomorrow? That is another day, and we'll see when we'll be there. The door is wide open for anything to happen. The way that I am now allowing me to look at this freedom feels so good! Make place for surprises and uncertainty into your life. And breathe.
And smile, 'cause life is so truely wonderful!

Sending you much love and happy vibes. May you all have the most astonishing last week of the year EVER!


Monday, 13 December 2010

Quote of the day

“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.” Vince Lombardi

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Miracle rescues

I wonder if you have saw this news passing by on internet last month, and if this astonnish you as much as me?

Every year, from July to October, thousands of animals cross the Mara River, to migrate from the
Masai Mara to the Lamai plains. For the Zebras, the Wildebeest and the Thomson's gazelles, this Great Migration is indeed a necessary adventure to their survive, even though it costs the life of some of them. But this time, a hippo was there, and something amazing happened.

"The hippo was watching as the wildebeest herd swam past. As soon as the calf jumped in, the hippo swam up to it and pushed it along all the way across until it had reached safety on the other side. It then went back and did the same for a zebra foal just minutes later."

Yes, a hippopotamus -the third largest land animal- rescued a baby zebra and a baby wildebeest from drowning, as they were trying to crossed over the river with their herd.

The beautiful photos of this great moment have been captured by Michael Yule and other guests of Lemala Camp, a seasonal tented camp for those who want to capture the best wildlife action in Tanzania.

Don't you think that it is an amazing story? Nature is so surprising and so wonderfully made!

Go sit in a park somewhere this weekend, and observe it! Let me know which beauties you'll have seen!
And let yourself be inspired by this female hyppo, and spontaneously help those who are different from you!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The sound of love - With My Own Two Hands - Ben Harper

Yes, it IS that simple!

Use our own two hands to reach out to our peers. Use our own two hands to clean up this place, our Home to all.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Reduse and reuse before anything else!

I am glad that we have covered a part of the recycling topic in one of my permaculture classes, and that this brought me to have a great conversation with one of my friends recently.

I always have found that there was a huge problem in our way to see and to use the recycling option in our life… I mean… Why taking a new plastic glass at each new drink that you are ordering in a festival, for example? I always get a weird glance and an answer like “Duh! It’s recyclable, ya know?!” WTF!! Not because it is recyclable that we have to use tons of those!! Recycling is the very last hope in a chain of choices available. The first is to REDUCE. The second is to REUSE. And THEN comes the very last one, which is to RECYCLE! So can you tell me why the heck we all focus on recycling?? And why so many plastic containers are still being produced, used and consumed and which are NOT recyclable? Oh, one more... why is it that too many of us are still not aware of which ones those are? It's been 15 years that we are recycling, y'all!! I’ll tell you: plastics number three and six are NOT recyclable!

Wanna have some ideas of how to reuse the plastic that you find along the way? Create art! Yes, let's turn trash into beautiful pieces of art that will make smile and that will inspire!

Or build houses! Whatever that your creative mind will tell you to do!

And now that we all ARE aware of all this, let’s just leave those products on the shelves: companies will end up having no other choice than to change their packaging! Be assured, there is way enough of plastic already stuck here with us to create your art! No worries!

I can also give you this so very effective tip to reduce your consumption of plastic (also applicable for any other type of consumption, obviously!)... Ask yourself: "Am I gonna die if I don’t get this yummy treat, or this frozen meal that comes in this not recyclable container?" Do I really want to add one more piece of plastic somewhere on the ground of our beautiful planet and which my great-great grandchildren will still be stuck with, and be cursing me, saying “What have you done?!” A resounding NO! Do you feel the same? Good! It is our responsibility, each of us, to educate our loved ones. Some, or I should say many, are bothered by my "preachings", as they say. Great! We all remember of what bothers us, right? haha! No one has ever changed things without bothering anyone.

I love my place in this universe. I wouldn't exchange it with no other being! Well, what else can one ask for, than to make things evolve as one is also doing so, and by being surrounded by other enlighten and amazing beings? I say: enjoy and have fun, little fish!


Friday, 3 December 2010

The multifaceted nature of sharing: All for the ONENESS

To me, there is no other action that is more important than SHARING. Sharing ideas helps to bring things further on, sharing food makes nobody to be hungry, sharing our happiness brings more than just you to smile about something, and sharing someone’s sadness or pain is what we call compassion, is what helps someone to stand up throughout hard times.

I am the first one that is gaining from my sharings on this blog of mine. To write my posts, I’m taking a moment of zen to think about a topic. It leads me to push my thoughts further on. It inspires me first, be assured! A day where I write is a day to be cranked up in positivity. And -since I am not only blogging (you must guessed!), but I am also acting in the way I am preaching- it happens that, in a day off of writing, I sometimes need a little boost. And in those moments, well it happens that I go back and re-read one of my own posts, in addition to all of others’ blogs, who are great sources of inspiration as well.

There are so many great sources of inspiration in this vast world of blogging. In addition to all those that I have already shared with you, some others put magic in my life lately.

Green and Free Blog: some of this cool cat’s posts will kick your ass, be aware! Thank for your beautiful self, Miss Vanessa!
i’m on an adventure: the youth has something to teach us. Jenni is truly amazing.
Miss Moon in the Sky: the lovely Tumblr site of my dear friend Hana. Her blog has often put me into great thoughts also:
Today, Tomorrow, and Sometime Yesterday.

You are all shining so bright, lovely ladies! I am proud to know you and to be by your side in this great journey!

And I am so grateful to you. Yes, to YOU, dearest reader, for your support and for your lovely comments.

I am here because you
are there. We are all
creating this together.

I love you. Yes, YOU,
dearest reader, because
you totally rock!

Be inspired, be beautiful, and lets share stuff together, my friends!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

From Me to We

Hello, pals!

It is a cold Tuesday afternoon, and I am sit back and very relax, enjoying a thoughtful moment about life and changes.

I was thinking this morning "How the hell have I achieved this? How is it that I now have so many and nice friends that I even never met, and which are spreaded all around the world?"

My journey here with you all started in a pretty simple way. I've been utterly inspired by others, and I wished to transfer this inspiration, this positivity, to others. All of this rapidly evolved into more personnal shares, and the contact with some of you has been natural and easy. We are all interconnected. It is like a small community.

With just a simple step -although not the easiest one to do, I admit: I've juggled for a long moment before doing so!- I went from my own boring little life to the exciting life that we all live together. From Me to We.

Each day, this choice that I made makes more and more sense. Things get more and more speeded up, and I meet more and more amazing cats. And, to each new one that I meet, I think "Ohhh! This is why I made that step! Thanks for this gift, Life!"

This journey, this step that I made about 8 months ago, brought me to recently discover the amazing Community of Permaculture in Montreal. I immediately wanted to get involved. With all those classes that I attend to, and the bit of help that I bring, I've never been this much busy, but neither this much full of hope. I am experiencing very high vibes right now. Once more, it is all about "from Me to We".

I am happy. And since you and I are WE, I hope you can feel this happiness as well!

Have an amazing day, my dear friends!

*By the way, do you know what means this beautiful word Namaste? It means so much and is very powerful. It says "I recognise the power that is within yourself". Or, according to Wikipedia: "I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One."
Be inspired and beautiful!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We can achieve this together!

Hey, friends!

I wonder if you have noticed the new online video campaign of Plastic Pollution Coallition, featuring celebrities pledging to REFUSE disposable plastics?
Here’s Jack Johnson, in one of those.

A bit more than 2 weeks ago, I've shared with you my excitment for great events that were to come up on this incredible month of November. And since then, some more have been added to my list, which continues to grow on an on, pricipally because of my new classes of permaculture. So, I am now taking the time to share with you my account of the famous live stream one day event: the worldwide webcast forum TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch. Okay, I didn’t really have to participate, but just to tune in and to pay 100% of my ears and of my attention to the important discussions and to the artistic sharings. And sometime cheering up, alone in my living room, I admit!

Thus, as most of you might already know, Plastic Pollution Coallition was holding this forum on November 6, in Los Angeles, CA. Many leaders in ocean conservation, health and environmental issues were participating, in the ultimate goal of sharing their great desire to see things change, and to find solutions to stop the pollution from plastic. I don’t know if you were tuned in, but that was a fantastic event!

Wonder why the existence of that big plastic patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Ha! Well, did you know that not even a little fragment of plastic, produced since its discovery in 1870, has never disappeared from the surface of the Earth? Well… a lot has been deeply buried, and some has been recycled and transformed… into another shape of plastic, though…

The social activist Erica Williams said about plastic: "These objects, created to be used for only a few moments, stay with us forever at a tremendous cost to the planet and the environment."

Here is a really motivating video for stopping using plastic (at the very minimum, the disposable sort).

If this is not enough to convince you, I don’t know what would do! Raise your glass and stainless steel water bottles to this, y’all!

Now, I‘ve shared an idea here a month ago, after I stumbled upon an invention which, to me, would be the only solution to make all the plastic of 140 years of accumulation to disappear. Please allow me to share the invention with you all a second time, as a refresh and an awe state of mind.

To this, I say again: put that machine on a boat and make it eat the plastic patch! What do you think, my friends? If you have any other ideas or any additions related to mine, I would LOVE to hear you!

But of course, we are all aware that this won’t solve all our plastic problems. We have to solve it at its source: stop using disposable plastic. And this is one the four challenges thrown by the TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch as a conclusion to the forum. This is the only challenge that is directly concerning each of us. By the way, I take this opportunity to invite you to take The REFUSE Pledge HERE.

The three other challenges were aimed to the manufacturers of plastic products, to policymakers and political leaders around the globe, and to all nations threatened by plastic pollution. You can learn more about each of these challenges HERE.

If we make efforts to hold them all, I think that we can all agree to say that it will have an immediate impact on the environment and on our health. Not to mention all the animal species who will be saved from a great danger.

I am perfectly positive on that: I truly believe that we can achieve these goals all together!

On this burst of enthusiasm, I wish you all to spend an amazing weekend, surrounded by the ones you love!


Friday, 19 November 2010

Learning permaculture together - Part 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I am finally able to take some time to write this post! I wanted to do so way before, but the crazy rythm of awesome things happening into my life simply puts me into a state of mind blown right now! But hey: no place for complaining, though: I am utterly happy! Or... could I ask to life to be a little more boring sometimes, so that I can feel like to crash earlier at nights? haha I'll make it through, no worries!

Okay! Lets start this!
A week and a half ago, I was on my way to Montreal's downtown, at the Concordia University, to attend to my very first permaculture class of a series of four. And, as I am convinced that permaculture and the biodynamic agriculture are one of the many awesomenesses of this world that will save the planet, I'm bringing you all with me into these classes, so we can all learn it together. How are you with me in there? Ha! You're in my heart and in my thoughts, since I am so strongly thinking of all of my fellow humans, who will all benefit from this craze of this area of learning.

Thus, yes, I am at the point where I think that, being in this class was helping the planet, since I'll do my best to integrate these learnings, and since I'll share the science with some people, whom will also integrate and share it with some others, whom... get the portrait? This is the exact principle of changing the world: "What we do in our life ripples in eternity". That was one of the slides that caught my attention... well, they all did, actually! And I am hoping to soon have a video of it to share with you.

So! The most part of this very first class has been a refresh of some basics that I already knew. But the way that the teacher -a very kindful and sweet young man named Graham- was bringing the topics and was sharing his infos simply hooked me up. The dude has the knack to captivate us. So many times I went like... "Uh? What does he want to lead us to?"... then, just perfectly quick enough, it appears: "Oh! Brilliant! Now I will remember that!" The uncommun contexts mark. And that's precisely how he brought me to think about things he said, many times during this past week. That's something that I am absolutely grateful for.

Oh! And the ones of you who are also readers of SuperForest, you will like this: it happens that I was wearing my SuperForest shirt on that day (I just felt it was a perfect day to wear it when I got up!). And, since all of his teaching was simply superforesty, I was just boiling to slip something about it! At a moment, he said something that sounded like "it's time to replant, to create forests" or something like that, and I had to bite my lips to don't shout "Hell yes! THIS (my shirt) is what it is all about! We are creating SUPERforests!!" haha You might guess that I went to talk to Graham at the end of the class to let him know about the positivity blog, which I am absolutely positive that he's gonna like!

At the end of each class, there is time allowed for a fun "Do It Yourself" portion. Into the very first class, we got our hands dirty -yaaay!!- to make seed balls. We had much fun doing it, and I'll have ten beautiful small balls to treat Mother Nature with on next spring! Aweeee!!

Seed balls "have use in nearly any climate region in which plants can grow, for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made-deserts, for avoiding seed eaters, and for protecting seeds until long-duration rains fall to soak the clay ball, stimulating the seeds with the moisture, and washing away some of the clay off the top of the ball. The seeds inside then germinate in the best possible plant establishment conditions available in each climate-region". Thank you Wikipedia: I could not have explain it better!

I went to the second class this week. Absolutely interesting also, even though I've been less participating, because the topics were much more technical / political, and all in english (...or maybe it is just me, because I was utterly tired... and maybe a bit preoccupied?). Well anyways, I will need to take time to rethink and review it all like a movie in my head, to assure that I am transmitting correctly. But what I CAN say is that the "Do It Yourself" portion was to make a self watering plant container, made out of two recycled plastic buckets. Sorry, no picture for this one! But these are easy to find on internet, no worries!

Now, let me tell you a little more about where these classes are taught. I have had the surprise of my life to discover a small community of rad and marginal people at the Concordia University: the People's Potato. The University counts many buildings, but the one that interest me here is the Henry F. Hall building. This building has a rooftop greenhouse, that is "an all-organic space, geared towards education and research, sustainable horticulture, and community-building". Amazing, right? They call it The Concordia Greenhouse Project, which is managed by a working group of Sustainable Concordia, acting in partnership with the department of Geography, Planning and Environment. The role of the Sustainable Concordia is to seek to create more ecologically, socially and economically sustainable university community.

They even have two banana trees in there! Man, if we would have had a similar group in a French university, I can swear I would have made my way to studdy for an higher degree! Anyways... I'll make connections with some of these cool cats now, be assured! You can learn more about The Concordia Greenhouse Project HERE.

Graham Calder, our teacher, is very commited to the Concordia University. The young Permaculture Designer and Human Environment specialist also has his own social enterprise,
P3 Permaculture Design - People for the Profit of the Planet. If you are interested in knowing more about permaculture, please, have your first "class" with him, by listening to this 26 minutes podcast on The Philosophical Traveller blog.

Thank you, mister Graham to BE the change and to add your beautiful colors to my learning in constant improvement!

Let yourself be inspired by this, and plant, my friends! Plant any kind of greens, anywhere you feel like to do so! And for those who are in for the
New Reality Transmission, don't miss it tonight: only two days left! We need your powerful thoughts!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Quote Of The Day

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." Albert Einstein

The sound of love - I had a dream - Luc and The Lovingstons

I am utterly in love with this song of Luc and The Lovingtons, that I first heard it on the SuperForest Soundtrack last Friday night. Ready? Don't be shy to grooooove! ;)

You liked this one? Well, be assured to listen to the album version, then: you'll be totally hooked! Okay, I knew them for their amazing Freedom Song already, but when I heard this last one I just rushed to buy their new CD! These guys really have some great stuff, I'm telling you!

Now, I know that I am neglecting you a bit lately, and I promise that I'll be back with some new posts soon...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Expressive ME

I have that fantastic CD of The Makepeace Brothers, for which I can't help but feeling AT the concert and sing, and cheer, and laugh, and answer... And there is this part that I LOVE and take part to, everytime. It's their game "Would You Rather"...

... "to carry, anywhere I go, a glass jar with someone's head inside... or rather wear wet underwears all the freakin' time?"... Laughing at it every time, walking alone on the street with earsets on, and still find myself wondering which one I would rather.
I think I would have questions to ask these guys before taking my decision. Would that head still be animated? I mean... Would I be able to have like... really interresting discussions and laugh with my glass jar (or with the head, admittedly)? And these underwears... I suppose they would sometime get dry, no? Or... are they self-watering or something?? :D

Haha! I always have tons of images coming by. And it's written on my face, indeed. I have one of those super expressive faces sometimes... Maybe that's why people give me those eyes on the street?! Ha! Images. Do they see those images on my face? Oups...! :D

Aahhhh! Thank you for providing me so much joy, dearest LRC Live In San Diego CD!

For you, dearest readers, here are the funny dudes. Enjoy their lovely crazyness!

Yes, Peter, this is where I got that happy habit and inspiration!
And yes, y'all, it happens that I have a friend named Peter (well, he's Pierre, but I like to call him Peterrr. And he has nothing in common with that deer, except that he is awesome too), with who I often do that thing of giving to Mother Nature a snack!

And here's the last Flipisode that I found from them.

Ha! You know why I am having so much fun sharing this with you tonight? I wrote the entire post yesterday night, but I wanted to re-read and correct it before to publish it, but it was pretty late and decided to wait... And when I came back from work today, I got a message saying that The Makepeace Brothers were requesting for the help of their supporters and fans to complete and launch their new album. How to refuse it!? I love their music and I want it to be spreaded all around the world, to any who is ready to listen to those words of love! Check this out, my friends!
And if you liked all of what you hear and see through all the links in this post, why not contributing? You'll receive the CD anyways, it is the exact same thing than buying the album, and you'll even get more for your money! Sounds fair enough to me! ;)

On this, have an awesome weekend everyone, and let your cute little face being expressive!

Hopeful - Through politic understanding

All right my friends!
Let’s make it completely different today, okay? Some things are obsessing me right now, and ‘til I don’t do something about it, it seems that it won’t go away… So please allow me.

Maybe that I shouldn’t open that can of worms, but I can’t help but to give my point of view on politic… Since I understood and started to feel the ONENESS, I feel concerned by everything that is going on the planet. Well, I mean… I already WAS, at some point (I am one of those sensible person who is touched when something bad happen to any other person or country), but what has changed is that I now feel concerned even BEFORE anything good or bad happens. Get it?

Also, I’ve been the one who hated politic, but still understood a significant enough amount of. And it is weird how I’ve followed the recent campaign of my southern neighbours… as I did for the last one in my own country (but which was the first I was really interested in and was following). So, this makes this U.S. campaign the second that I am following. Ha! I think this means much though! No? Anyways… that’s not my point. My point is that, during that campaign, I went on some other blogs and so many times I went like “No!! You don’t get it!! Stop fighting, people, please!!”

All of this just brought me to feel even more interested into politic. Hummm… weird once more. The young women that used to think she would never EVER take a lead conversation about politic is just taking a step aside. I think that what I have read recently has simply put a brighter spot light on why we are always stuck with the same parties that we are ALWAYS unsatisfied with... As soon as the result is revealed, EVERYBODY start to criticize… What the heck?! WE voted them! In there is an answer, when we stop and take a moment of zen to think about it, no?? To me, this means that, globally, maybe we do not understand properly how politic works… or rather, and most probably, we DO understand it, but just don’t always act like so… Am I completely out of the track? Tell me if so, please!

What I want to highlight is that there is nothing “personal” in politic. And YES, we have to globalize concerning each party (ideas & members). I mean… The one guy of a party that we vote for, even though we do not agree with a big part of what the rest of his party is promoting, just because that one guy is nice and different… That’s wrong. And NO, I don’t think that I am being “unfair” to say that. It’s nothing personal. When this one guy will be in chamber with his peeps, WHO will make pass or stop an idea? The nice dude? No: his PARTY. So YES, we must think globally. So, to my point of view, it is better to vote for one guy that we don't admire this much if his PARTY promote something that we feel good for our planet. If we think that they will bring things further: these are the one we should vote for. And... this is my very personal process for voting: I love to vote for the very small party that we all know they won't rule things out 'cause they are too small. Great! As soon as I am not voting for one of those big machines! I pick the small one that I feel the most open and honnest, and I give it my vote. My message to the big ones is all there!

A second point: If you have done your homeworks and tried to understand and make up your mind, but still don’t know for whom voting, please, don’t vote like if you were playing Heads Or Tails: Cancel your vote! And, seriously, this is really important: not to simply don’t go voting, but to CANCEL your vote. Why? Because this gesture expresses a saturation and sickness and is a wholesale rejection of the way we do politic. A ridiculously low turnout for election would send a strong message to political parties, supporters and media, and by the gesture, we weaken the legitimacy of these parties, whether they are government, opposition or third parties.

My last point is… PLEASE, people: stop feeling attacked when someone disagrees with your choices in voting! If some are “against” a party, this does NOT mean that they are “against” you! Once again?
And everything is never completely black or white, even more true in politic: there are a lot of grey zones.

You've probably already guessed that I am from the left (that’s not really a secret, and I assume who I am and the way I think). But we live in a world still much from the right. Am I wrestling and being mad with everybody? Nope. There would be no point, and I would be putting too much of negative energies into the atmosphere. Things are what they are, and the only things we CAN do are to pick our choices, hope for the best, and certainly put positivity out there and love our peers whatever their opinions are.

I am conscious that the results of this US campaign will ripple to my country. And soon enough. And I can tell that it will get to yours as well, anywhere you are from, that’s for sure. And that’s why I am definitely putting the most positivity in the atmosphere for what is to come for you first, my southern neighbours, after this result of the elections.

And I hope that this will take you to some reflexions, as it does for me.
On this… I wish you to have a good night and to sleep well.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Call Of The New Paradigm

This so beautiful poem has been delivered to me by the magical of internet... and by the little help of my friend Pati ;)

Please be aware, you'll be moved and utterly inspired. If you are not ready for that, maybe you should just skip it for now... Naaah! Seriously: enjoy it!


I give thanks for this precious moment,
This chance to be alive.
For life is sacred, special, and a fragile thing.

Realizing that it may end at any moment
I give thanks for all that I have
And strive to live each day to the fullest.

I have come to realize the power that is within me.
That my former thoughts, words and actions
Became my present state
And right now, in this moment, I’m creating my future.

Understanding this awesome power that I have
It’s my deepest prayer to realize my supreme potential
In the liberated free-play of consciousness,
In this vast expanse,
So that I may inspire others to do the same.

I impress upon my consciousness
States of perfection
Perfect Being, which I’ve found Within
Perfect Wisdom, which I’ve found in Oneness
Perfect Compassion which I’ve found within humanity.

I now know that I live, breathe, and have my being
Within a living field of unified consciousness.
All things arise and fall
Within this field of consciousness.
A sea of infinite potential.
Where thoughts and phenomena,
Are the free play of space.

And in this moment
While there is this “I”
I begin to see the world as it really is,
Perfect and pure.
Where every atom vibrates with joy
And is held together by love.
Where everything is fresh and meaningful,
Radiant with unlimited potential.

I affirm that all the people of the world are created equal and pure,
That abundance, joy, health, and peace
Are the natural and complete states of our being.
I accept these now for myself,
And in doing so I’ve accepted these gifts for all of humanity.

I know now that I have a purpose in life
We all do
And everyday I express that purpose,
And I allow others to do the same.

For I know that we’re all one.
I’m another you
You’re another me
Me is transformed into We
and we’re all in this together.
So I reach out my hands and care for all of life
And I embrace all of the world
Knowing that I have truly touched
The very essence of my own existence.

I give myself the permission to be a miracle
I give myself over to the world
And use my life and all I can share Consciously
So that I may benefit whoever may cross my path.
Even if it’s for just a moment.

For I know it’s in moments like these,
That all of existence is unfolding through us,
And I become certain that heaven is truly here on earth,
And that life is beautiful, perfect and exactly as it should be.

I have become an expression of perfection.

And so it is.

So...? How do you feel now?
This treasure has been written by Suzy Agarthea.
Thank you, Suzy, for your beautiful presence!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quote Of The Day


Saturday, 6 November 2010


An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something can produce. Yesterday has been one more of these awe day, with a series of surprises happening. What an incredible week! Although the sky was grey outside, I was shining by the inside. "YEAH YOU CAN TURN OFF THE SUN, BUT I'M STILL GONNA SHINE" is the resounding mrazy quote that is coming to my mind while I am writing this present post. I am grateful for... For news that came in, of an old friend that I didn't see for years, but whom I care so much for. I am happy to know that him and his lovely family are happy and thankful for what they are living.
For life, that has totally astonished me with another news coming in and utterly blowing my mind. Ha! I am still to put all the pieces back in place and to find the way to respond to this one.
And for... My very first meet with my seven weeks old nephew. I know... For not having made it to visit them since the youngest is born, is something for which I was feeling sad and guilty... These are the rare occasions where I feel really frustrated for not driving. But yesterday night, the situation has been resolved! Thanks, they were in town! Thus, I joined them for a sushi diner, met little angel Noah, and played with his sister, my beloved 15 months old niece. This little girl turns my heart into gelly, though! This was wonderfully ending the week, and I definitely enjoyed it. Here is my way to express all my love and gratitude to this moment I've got with them:
Yep! You're an unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity. Infinite abundance is unmeasurable, right? Ha! :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Important events to come!

With no further ado,
I am sharing with you the events that I've been brought up to know about, through sharings with other people (you can relate to my last post).

On November 6, the global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition will host a one day event that will gather global thought leaders to discuss and to share their vision for possible ways to solve the problem of the great plastic patch that is in the middle of the Pacific ocean.. Now you’re talking! It took so long! This patch isn’t recent, though! I’ve been talking about it with many friends since a long time… But no, I didn’t do anything else than talking... and raising awareness about it. I didn’t act any further, and I am very sorry for this.

But! Recently I’ve found an awesome solution to resolve the patch, which I’ve shared. Take this, TED, discuss about it! :)

I can’t wait to know and to dig the solutions they will come up with on tomorrow! Be tuned to watch it LIVE!

While being in the plastiki subject, I’d like to share with you this video of a wise 14 year old boy speaking out about it. Cheers, J.D.! Raise the CARE.

This is something absolutely way beyond my hopes, and I was so eager to share it with you. But before, let’s just do a premise.

Clearly, most of us feel that something huge is in process in our universe right now. A major change is to come. Human consciousness is beautifully growing (well, I like to see it as it is florishing), and coincidences are increased tenfold at a breathtaking speed. The whole planet is in a very high vibration, and our solar plexus being boosted up is the result. What, you didn’t related? Then it worths that you meditate for a few minutes, and scan your sweet self. Where is the highest point in energy? Well, it maybe is different for you, but a lot of my friends and I are feeling it at this point, that is the third chakra.

By the way, here's the best definition of the 3rd chakra that I found for you :

"The third chakra completes the physical trilogy of
the human energy system.
Like chakras one and two, it primarily relates to
a physical form of power.
Where the first chakra resonates to group tribal power,
and where the second chakra resonates to the flow of
power between the self and others,
the third chakra relates to our personal power
in relation to the external world."

Now, does it make more sense why you maybe feel like me that your solar plexus feels like it is boiling?

And if it happens that the highest point of energy that you feel is at another location, everything is just perfect: either way, it will tell you much what you should go for.

Okay! I am extending too much that premise. Let’s now go to the point : the second event, which I also saw yesterday night that SuperForester Jesse had shared.

Whatever it is happening to our world, I think we can all agree to say that it is real. So from there, I think we should just use this opening and growth of the awareness to perform the greatest thing that, never before, has been accomplished by the human kind (well…for what we can recall of the two last thousand of years, at least...!). Let's use our vibrant energy to change the course of things.

The next proposal is based on a real theory, whose value is undeniable.
Four months ago, I’ve thrown a call for a global meditation to resolve another unbalance, the oil spill in the gulf. So you know that I'll be jumping in for that exciting one. I'll push my weekly group meditation session that my brother and I have settled at his place, to do this one everyday for 11 days in a row instead. We'll just resume after this little interlude. Hope you'll join in and you'll inform all of your peeps also.

Here is a link so you can know for sure at what time to set yourself for doing this with us, according to your time zone: Be on time and mind free, we'll have much fun together, my zen friends!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

Hey there, fellow humans of my heart!

Today is the BlogBlast For Peace 2010, a very special day where bloggers from all around the world are thinking and blogging about PEACE. BlogBlast For Peace is an annual event launched by Mimi Lenox in 2006, with her own pledge for peace. This year, up to 50 countries and more than 300 bloggers are participating.

I missed the worldwide blogging day about WATER, ‘cause I wasn’t aware of that type of event. But now, I have no excuses, and I am definitely jumping into this with a wide smile and so much pleasure!

There is no doubt, I feel extremely lucky and blessed to live in such a peaceful country. I can walk in the streets with my earpieces in and enjoy good music without fear of getting surprised by a man thirsting for revenge because one has taken everything of him. And I can go to bed in peace and dream all night long because I am not afraid that my neighborhood and my home will be burnt and destroyed. A bomb will not explode. I am not only lucky that I can barely imagine how it could feel, but I also am because I will never live it.

Today, I have a special thought for those who work at this very moment in some countries facing with serious conflicts and who give their lives to bring some happiness to people in need. Here is a very simple montage I made so that I can see this peace that I am dreaming of, without having to close my eyes.


I wish the day will come that people from all around this beautiful globe will put aside all of their differences. Their beliefs, their political and religious affiliations. Put it all aside -or no, better: embrace each other’s differences- and walk hand in hand. I can see it in my dreams. It is right there, at only one step to where we are all standing right now.

Here is my hand, take it. I want to bring you into my dream. Can you see it? I know your heart is beating to make it real. Let’s radiate that love we have inside, and let’s us create this world free of conflicts we are all dreaming of.

And since love is necessary for peace, let me share once more with you this awesome video that I never have enough of!

Yaaay! Blog for peace today, you still have time for! Much love to you all!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Little surprises of life

Who doesn’t like surprises?
Yesterday, life granted me so many small but so nice surprises! And right now, after writting these first lines, I am realizing that each of these little sources of joy are all related to the same superforesty troup. Ha! Is it a wink, wonderful life? Hummm!… You never cease to amaze me. And for this, I am experiencing such an happy life! Thankful.

Not wanting to stretch this post for too long, let's simply say that many surprises come from followers on Jason Mraz’s blog. I don’t comment often there, and I don’t know why, after I did yesterday, I checked that little box to follow up the comments (which I never do on that blog, or my email box get full as fast as a snap of the fingers)… Don’t know why? Really? Ha! Of course I do know by now! That was to get all the little surprises I have had afterward! It brought me to be aware of so great things that are coming up within the next ten days. GREAT stuff, really! I’ll share those with you in future posts, I promise! I just want to give you time to be intrigued a little (…and to give me time to write about!). Thus, yes, through all this, I've also shared much with some of these concious and cool cats.

Then, after these exciting discoveries, before to go to bed, I got a superforesty email, and… TADAM!! My roomate brought me a letter that I received from Los Angeles. Coming in more than 6 months after I’ve sent mine out to give my deepest thanks. Wow! Was I expecting this?!? It has put such a big smile on my face and I slept so well! :)

And then this special receiving reminded me of something that I forgot to share with you many months ago.

What do you think about handwritten letters? Have you sent one out during these 10 past months? Most of us don’t take the time anymore, to send a personalized handwritten letter, rather than a little note proceeding through internet, with a common font… My opinion is that if it is well done (using 100% recycled paper, and putting all of your heart to do so) and not too often, well… why not? This will make at least two people to smile and to feel worthy. Thus, once or twice a year, I send a nice letter to a special someone of my choice. And this year, I’ve found a way to do so in a much greener way. I thought I could share it with you. This year, send out your green homemade Christmas card into one of these envelop, and have more space to write what’s going on with you! Enjoy!

I am sorry for the pretty bad quality of my video. I was simply feeling like to do it tonight, rather than waiting any longer, until I can borrow a friend's video camera... Hope you enjoyed it anyway! I'll make it to redo it soon for you.

Good night! Sleep well! And be attentive to the little surprises.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Be bold. Be colorful.

Yaaay! I hope that you all have had so much fun for the Halloween! I had! Yes, so much, in fact! I admit that, my peeps and I, have lost the real tradition of Halloween, and simply see in it a very good reason for partying and be silly, completely silly. Thus, on the program have been: a yummy raw food potluck with friends ('cause we all need some strenght to make the fiesta!), then partying, dancing like crazies and playing music all night long (or so!).

And -WOW!- This year preparations of my costume have been so fun! This was the first time I was making my own design on a t-shirt. I had such a good time painting my "Raibow / Growing Love" t-shirt! What do you think? Nice job, right? :D

There we go! The Raibow-Love girl, in her takeoff
to go slide on her rainbow of little happiness

I did so well that for sure it won't stay as my Halloween "costume"! I'll wear it on the street anytime! Okay, maybe not with my face painted and these little tinkerings in my hair...! But still, this makes me want to be more colorful all year long! ;)

My inspiration has been THE LOVE, growing and growing, and becoming something as magical and bright as rainbows are (you can take this as another confidence: my last summer experiments left me little gaga about rainbows, though!). And, to finish it all, other sources of inspiration came from a post on Jason Mraz's blog with him and SuperForester Jon being superheroes (back to a few months ago), and from their friend's song Hero (one of my favorite ever, all categories and singers together). Thus, I became one also: the "Rainbow Lady, came here to grow the love"! Why not! Be silly, is that what I said? Ha! And I think I should push further and suggest my design to the Rainbow Family! But then I will possibly have to provide a good productivity... Can I do this? Do I want to do this? Huummmm... Let's sleep on it!

And let's show you one more pic: I took this one especially for you! The "Rainbow-Love" girl, sending you kisses from her 80's Vuarnet-Pink kitchen!

Aside note: when my roomate and I moved into this appartment, we automatically said: "This is the first thing that will be repainted!"... and as we are very good procratinators, we haven't repainted any room yet (not honoring our design profession at all!), and I even get used to this pink! And it gives hallucinations to people visiting us! haha

Saturday, 30 October 2010

The sound of love - Together - Bob Sinclar

Even though it is far from being my favorite type of music, I absolutely love Bob Sinclair's messages. Here is a soooo lovely video -and of course with great lyrics- that I just found out! And this makes you think of... what?

Yes! This obviously makes me think of the Humanifesto video as well! What about teaming up and singing April's wonderful song, now? haha :)


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quote Of The Day

Good morning, sunshines!
I woke up this morning... and just stayed in bed like I absolutely love to do on every morning on weekends! Savoring the begining of a brand new day (and a totally-free-of-time-day!). I've never have been able to understand people that are just freaking out badly when they have free time in their hands (like: "Oh no! What the heck am I gonna do? I have to go to work!"). I am definitely not one of those, praying during the whole weekend so that Monday comes back quickly, or being alone at the office -by choice- on the weekends, working like a crazy 'cuz this is my confort zone. Nope, this is not mine!

Thus, I stayed in bed dreaming, eyes wide open, rethinking the whole world. My own little paradise, in which all of you are with me. And happy and smily, this makes me be! Once my vision is satisfying enough, then I kick myself out of the bed, well start the day and do something that will get me closer to this vision! Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not different than anybody: I also have those super lazy days sometimes! But then I blog a little positive something, which is another way to bring some good changes. Don't you think?

And right now, I make myself smiling, 'cause I realize how easily I can always get away from my main subject! What I want to share with you is that this morning, during this savouring moment that I've given myself, I rolled over myself and I extended my arm to grab a little book that I just received in present. It's a pocket book of optimistic quotes. It's a french translated version of
A Thousand Paths to Long Life. The principle is that you randomly pick a page and read a quote. As simple and lovely as it is!

And this made me feel like to add a new series of post to A Commitment To Shine! This will take a pretty short form: just the quote itself. Ha! This one will be easy! But it will speak much and make you smile. How does it sounds to you?

Okay, even if the form is different (much longer, though!) let start it right now with this very first QOTD:

"Enjoyment is accessible here and now. Let yourself be guided by your heart". Anonymous


Monday, 25 October 2010

BlogBlast For Peace 2010: be tuned!

Will you jump in and blog about peace with all of us on November 4th? Please, get informed about this blogger event by clicking HERE.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, SuperForest!!

Those who read SuperForest can probably recognize some traits of A Commitment To Shine that are directly inspired from this first blog, which is my favorite daily reading. You all can imagine that I couldn’t even think not to take part of this wonderful project of creating a video reflecting its fundamental values and its positive influence in this wonderful world! In only two weeks, the idea for this project came out, 56 people from all around the world have jumped in (reciting portions of the Humanifesto –if you haven’t yet, you really should read this great document, translated in 19 languages!) and this most superforesty video has been produced and came out so wonderfully! AWESOME! Watch this out y’all!

Since I got to know this positivity blog, I stopped reading newspaper and watching TV. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care, don’t get me wrong: it’s totally the opposite! Where I’ve changed my point of view is here:

Reading newspapers and watching TV was bringing me to focus on the bad actions/news happening everywhere. Thus, I came to realize that, by focusing on it, I was only amplifying and feeding the general depressive state coming out of it. We don’t NEED to know WHICH bad actions/news are actually happening in WHICH part of the world to be conscious that some are happening at anytime. And I think that where we can change our very own output into all of this is by feeding ourselves with uplifting and very positive things/info AND TO THROW IT BACK INTO THE UNIVERSE (this is way much more effective than panicking, that's for sure!). Being uplifting with positivism makes us vibrating higher, which has only good effects on ourselves, on others surrounding us and on the whole planet, be assured. And this is where SuperForest interferes.

SuperForest inspires me. SuperForest uplifts me. SuperForest makes me smile and gives me some more reasons to be grateful for each day. SuperForest speaks to my heart, and my heart resounds in the universe.

Back to seven months ago, I used to think that my very little person didn’t have any valuable power in this so wide world. I used to sadden me at the fact (I thought) I couldn’t change anything to some sad situations, and since I am very sensible to so many things, every day I was easily able to find something to be frustrated about!

But then Jason Mraz’s music resounded to my heart. Intrigued, I wanted to know more about. And I discovered a whole universe of positivity. I discovered SuperForest. Now opened to it, only some tiny unexpected experiments occuring into my life have been enough to wake me up to something else, and to realize the role we all have, each and everyone. EVERYTHING took another sense. My life is in perpetual changing since then, and everyday is a new occasion to make a difference and to join my small but VALUABLE contribution to change the world for the best.


In love and gratitude,

P.S. YOU "encouraged ME to step out of our comfort zones and take action toward the things I believe in"!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Inventions that we love: a plastic eater!

I am so excited by this find that has been delivered to me by Facebook... well, by my friend Amanda. THANK YOU Amanda! Oh, man, I love the Internet for its easy process of high-speed learning and sharing! Please, watch this, and tell me what you think!

I say: YES!! Now let's take the big patch of plastic that is in the middle of the ocean, and have it eaten all up by this machine!! Whahaha!

Okay, you'll probably be tempted to say "yeah, but oil is not good either", totally legitimate: this has been exactly my first reaction during the very first seconds... then I said... "Hey, wait a minute!": there are some kinds of plastic that cannot be recycled... and where does this plastic go? At the dump. And it produces bad gases anyway. So why not?! And hell yeah, I've thought: let's put this machine on a boat and bring it to this big plastic patch!

What do you think, my friends? Worths it?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

WE ARE the environment

Have you ever been caught in a swirl of questions facing something that you feel so strong, but which you don't understand? It happens to me more and more frequently... As if it is my heart that is starting to understand things... But the mind, not wanting to lose the lead, engages a struggle, which simply freezes me completely, staying there for hours, endlessly questioning myself, juggling with question marks and missing answers.

I can say that this is what happens each time I come back in town, after a hike in the woods. Just as today. When I find myself surrounded by nature, I simply FEEL things. My heart is all there. IT sees, feels, understands every living forms. I don't need to talk. My HEART is communicating with everything that is surrounding me. The light seems to have another color. The whole universe takes another sens.

Then I come back in town... and something brings my mind back. And I get lost in the struggle. And... the mind sometimes wins and leaves me having doubts about my mental health, I admit! :P

Today, this video -from my daily reading of my favorite blog, which you all know as being
SuperForest- made me understand something (well, obviously yes I understood, or I wouldn't even have been able to write the first two paragraphs, since I couldn't put words on all of this before!)... Please take a moment to watch it.

Okaaaaay! Is that why I was feeling so connected with the nature? Yeaaaah! I AM the environment! Strange how I was able to feel it but not to understand it, because I couldn't put words on it. Thus, I couldn't link up. --Words, words, yeah... My opinion is that us humans need them too much at times! And I count myself into this. We pay too much attention to words and not enough to feelings-- All this to say that I already had the answers in my hands (coming from music that I listen to: "I'm all of you", "We’re all just here as one"), but I couldn't fully understand these words (and still, am I really fully integrating this notion?), since it doesn't make sens to the mind. And I was feeling all of this without understanding what I was feeling.

I think I couldn't because it is not logical to the point of view that had been given to me by the society in which I live, and because the mind is trained to always take the wheel. It definitely isn't an easy task to get away from what has been inculcated! And I am so grateful to now get to see with the eyes of my heart! Even if this sometimes means that I have to face some others' eyes telling me that I am a fool. All of what I receive from giving greater openness and more importance to my heart worth it a thousand times! Thank you, wonderful life, to never cease to amaze me!

Now I should say: because you are reading this, I KNOW you are aware of and taking good care of the environment. So from here, what can we do more? Raise awareness of others surrounding us. Preach for Mother Nature. Yeah, preach for Her! Without any fear of judgement. Because those who judge will not change anything, but WE have the power to change the way that all of us are looking at the environment... And that, by dint of speaking, it will eventually no longer be a matter of judgement anyway... It's thus up to us to change it all!

WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT. Let's treat it with as much of consideration as we treat ourselves, and this world will definitely be a better place!

Friday, 15 October 2010

The global movement to unity

This year, I discovered (yeah, tons of astonishing things, but this is one more!) the international campaign, dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis.

350 is the number of parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere to get back to, to avoid runaway climate change. 350 is the number of writers, scholars, activists, leaders, and visionaries who support the cause and message.

Did you noticed the song whistled in background? Yeah! It's Home, from these guys that we love: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! What a good match, don't you think?

As the video is showing, each individual can make a whale of a difference. This is why I decided to jump into action even if I remembered of all of this only on the night before and that it was too late to register to any established working group (there were many different ones in and around Montreal: conferences, help on farming, potlucks, and more). Thus, on the very morning of the 10/10/10, I didn't yet know what I would be doing to join my forces, but I knew one thing for sure: I would be contributing, no matter what!

as I expected, the day has been a source of joy and an opportunity for new connections. I knew I could trust the universe to guide me to great sources of inpiration, so I've just followed its flow, which has led my friend Rachel and I out of the town for a bit of hiking at the Mont Saint-Gregoire, in the village where I grew up as a teenager.

Since the village is well known for its orchards and its sugar houses, I naturally thought: "Hey, let's stop by and pick some apples, which we'll distribute on our hike!"
Well... I said that the idea of picking apples came naturally, which is absolutely true but so funny! Okay, I'll explain myself here: believe it or not, I was doing it for the very first time in my life!! Don't you think that it is very strange that the first fruits I've been picking and eating fresh in the next minute (from a tree I mean, not from bushes. That, I did it often, though!) were exotic fruits, as Liliko'i (passion fruits) and litchees, and NOT the famous fruits from my country? I think it's kind of weird... and sad, at some point! But I am lucky enough for it became a natural reflex since that trip to Kauai. Better late than never, as they say! Right?

Thus, this is what we did. We went to one of the many orchards, picked two types of apples and we filled our bag. Then we jumped back in the car and headed off to the mountain for a short hiking. By the time we arrived on the first top, we had given almost all of the apples: "Hello! Would you like a fresh picked apple?" and we were started, connecting with every person we were passing by, and telling them about the special day and the importance of preserving our environment. Wow! How fun it was and so cool cats we met! Everybody was more than happy for this "unsual" connection. what is it "unsual", are you wondering? Well in Quebec province (maybe it's similar in many other parts of the world, but I can't really say...), people like to connect with others, but they do not (probably just because living into our mind and not into our heart, and stopping ourselves in the fear to be judge?)... but if you make the first steps, they will be pleased and smiley. So this is what I try to do more and more, and that makes me happy!
Rachel and I had a quick pic-nic on the belvedere, finished to distribute the last apples, chatted for a while with two nice guys that we met, before to walk down back with them, while refilling our empty bag with all the trash we found on our way. Yaaayy!! Now I can say that we jumped in the special day of unity for a healthier globe!!
Once arrived at the foot of the mount, we lay down for a moment in the fallen leaves and filled our nostrils with their good smell. Then, we finally sorted the garbage to throw away and the recycling before leaving.
Ahhh! What a wonderful day! It felt so damn good to jump into that day of action! Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving me the chance, every single day, to see your beauty! Peace to you, beautiful blue globe!

Please feel free to share about that day! Have you done anything? Do you have any good ideas for the next worldwide action day?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The sound of love - Si Au Moins J'étais Deux - Maco

For this one, I've chose this best instrumental version of the original song by Maco. I first heard this version in a publicity for the milk, on Quebec television a few years ago. I love this melody, if only I could whistle well...

Okay, I admit that you probably should drop the slightly insidious french message of the end...! ;)
Stay tune to know how I celebarted and commited myself on the 10/10/10!