Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Little surprises of life

Who doesn’t like surprises?
Yesterday, life granted me so many small but so nice surprises! And right now, after writting these first lines, I am realizing that each of these little sources of joy are all related to the same superforesty troup. Ha! Is it a wink, wonderful life? Hummm!… You never cease to amaze me. And for this, I am experiencing such an happy life! Thankful.

Not wanting to stretch this post for too long, let's simply say that many surprises come from followers on Jason Mraz’s blog. I don’t comment often there, and I don’t know why, after I did yesterday, I checked that little box to follow up the comments (which I never do on that blog, or my email box get full as fast as a snap of the fingers)… Don’t know why? Really? Ha! Of course I do know by now! That was to get all the little surprises I have had afterward! It brought me to be aware of so great things that are coming up within the next ten days. GREAT stuff, really! I’ll share those with you in future posts, I promise! I just want to give you time to be intrigued a little (…and to give me time to write about!). Thus, yes, through all this, I've also shared much with some of these concious and cool cats.

Then, after these exciting discoveries, before to go to bed, I got a superforesty email, and… TADAM!! My roomate brought me a letter that I received from Los Angeles. Coming in more than 6 months after I’ve sent mine out to give my deepest thanks. Wow! Was I expecting this?!? It has put such a big smile on my face and I slept so well! :)

And then this special receiving reminded me of something that I forgot to share with you many months ago.

What do you think about handwritten letters? Have you sent one out during these 10 past months? Most of us don’t take the time anymore, to send a personalized handwritten letter, rather than a little note proceeding through internet, with a common font… My opinion is that if it is well done (using 100% recycled paper, and putting all of your heart to do so) and not too often, well… why not? This will make at least two people to smile and to feel worthy. Thus, once or twice a year, I send a nice letter to a special someone of my choice. And this year, I’ve found a way to do so in a much greener way. I thought I could share it with you. This year, send out your green homemade Christmas card into one of these envelop, and have more space to write what’s going on with you! Enjoy!

I am sorry for the pretty bad quality of my video. I was simply feeling like to do it tonight, rather than waiting any longer, until I can borrow a friend's video camera... Hope you enjoyed it anyway! I'll make it to redo it soon for you.

Good night! Sleep well! And be attentive to the little surprises.


  1. Awe! What a nice reminder! I think I am going to send some thank you post cards! It's so nice to hear your voice Marie-Eve! Haha, the funny things you miss out on with email! LOVE IT! MAHALO!

  2. Great job, Marie-Eve!! I can become a member of Team Superforest? I guess, talk to Jackson would be a great idea???! You're so good at writing and sending out a positive message to everyone. I would love to see you there... :) So, what do yo say, Miss Sunshine?

    Your passion for making this world into a better place is spectacular. I totally vow to your inner heart. Really. I adore your freshness. Keep going, You are AWESOME!!

    Love and gratitude...and kisses from Seesaw

    Hana & Seesaw the cat