Friday, 5 November 2010

Important events to come!

With no further ado,
I am sharing with you the events that I've been brought up to know about, through sharings with other people (you can relate to my last post).

On November 6, the global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition will host a one day event that will gather global thought leaders to discuss and to share their vision for possible ways to solve the problem of the great plastic patch that is in the middle of the Pacific ocean.. Now you’re talking! It took so long! This patch isn’t recent, though! I’ve been talking about it with many friends since a long time… But no, I didn’t do anything else than talking... and raising awareness about it. I didn’t act any further, and I am very sorry for this.

But! Recently I’ve found an awesome solution to resolve the patch, which I’ve shared. Take this, TED, discuss about it! :)

I can’t wait to know and to dig the solutions they will come up with on tomorrow! Be tuned to watch it LIVE!

While being in the plastiki subject, I’d like to share with you this video of a wise 14 year old boy speaking out about it. Cheers, J.D.! Raise the CARE.

This is something absolutely way beyond my hopes, and I was so eager to share it with you. But before, let’s just do a premise.

Clearly, most of us feel that something huge is in process in our universe right now. A major change is to come. Human consciousness is beautifully growing (well, I like to see it as it is florishing), and coincidences are increased tenfold at a breathtaking speed. The whole planet is in a very high vibration, and our solar plexus being boosted up is the result. What, you didn’t related? Then it worths that you meditate for a few minutes, and scan your sweet self. Where is the highest point in energy? Well, it maybe is different for you, but a lot of my friends and I are feeling it at this point, that is the third chakra.

By the way, here's the best definition of the 3rd chakra that I found for you :

"The third chakra completes the physical trilogy of
the human energy system.
Like chakras one and two, it primarily relates to
a physical form of power.
Where the first chakra resonates to group tribal power,
and where the second chakra resonates to the flow of
power between the self and others,
the third chakra relates to our personal power
in relation to the external world."

Now, does it make more sense why you maybe feel like me that your solar plexus feels like it is boiling?

And if it happens that the highest point of energy that you feel is at another location, everything is just perfect: either way, it will tell you much what you should go for.

Okay! I am extending too much that premise. Let’s now go to the point : the second event, which I also saw yesterday night that SuperForester Jesse had shared.

Whatever it is happening to our world, I think we can all agree to say that it is real. So from there, I think we should just use this opening and growth of the awareness to perform the greatest thing that, never before, has been accomplished by the human kind (well…for what we can recall of the two last thousand of years, at least...!). Let's use our vibrant energy to change the course of things.

The next proposal is based on a real theory, whose value is undeniable.
Four months ago, I’ve thrown a call for a global meditation to resolve another unbalance, the oil spill in the gulf. So you know that I'll be jumping in for that exciting one. I'll push my weekly group meditation session that my brother and I have settled at his place, to do this one everyday for 11 days in a row instead. We'll just resume after this little interlude. Hope you'll join in and you'll inform all of your peeps also.

Here is a link so you can know for sure at what time to set yourself for doing this with us, according to your time zone: Be on time and mind free, we'll have much fun together, my zen friends!

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