Friday, 19 November 2010

Learning permaculture together - Part 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I am finally able to take some time to write this post! I wanted to do so way before, but the crazy rythm of awesome things happening into my life simply puts me into a state of mind blown right now! But hey: no place for complaining, though: I am utterly happy! Or... could I ask to life to be a little more boring sometimes, so that I can feel like to crash earlier at nights? haha I'll make it through, no worries!

Okay! Lets start this!
A week and a half ago, I was on my way to Montreal's downtown, at the Concordia University, to attend to my very first permaculture class of a series of four. And, as I am convinced that permaculture and the biodynamic agriculture are one of the many awesomenesses of this world that will save the planet, I'm bringing you all with me into these classes, so we can all learn it together. How are you with me in there? Ha! You're in my heart and in my thoughts, since I am so strongly thinking of all of my fellow humans, who will all benefit from this craze of this area of learning.

Thus, yes, I am at the point where I think that, being in this class was helping the planet, since I'll do my best to integrate these learnings, and since I'll share the science with some people, whom will also integrate and share it with some others, whom... get the portrait? This is the exact principle of changing the world: "What we do in our life ripples in eternity". That was one of the slides that caught my attention... well, they all did, actually! And I am hoping to soon have a video of it to share with you.

So! The most part of this very first class has been a refresh of some basics that I already knew. But the way that the teacher -a very kindful and sweet young man named Graham- was bringing the topics and was sharing his infos simply hooked me up. The dude has the knack to captivate us. So many times I went like... "Uh? What does he want to lead us to?"... then, just perfectly quick enough, it appears: "Oh! Brilliant! Now I will remember that!" The uncommun contexts mark. And that's precisely how he brought me to think about things he said, many times during this past week. That's something that I am absolutely grateful for.

Oh! And the ones of you who are also readers of SuperForest, you will like this: it happens that I was wearing my SuperForest shirt on that day (I just felt it was a perfect day to wear it when I got up!). And, since all of his teaching was simply superforesty, I was just boiling to slip something about it! At a moment, he said something that sounded like "it's time to replant, to create forests" or something like that, and I had to bite my lips to don't shout "Hell yes! THIS (my shirt) is what it is all about! We are creating SUPERforests!!" haha You might guess that I went to talk to Graham at the end of the class to let him know about the positivity blog, which I am absolutely positive that he's gonna like!

At the end of each class, there is time allowed for a fun "Do It Yourself" portion. Into the very first class, we got our hands dirty -yaaay!!- to make seed balls. We had much fun doing it, and I'll have ten beautiful small balls to treat Mother Nature with on next spring! Aweeee!!

Seed balls "have use in nearly any climate region in which plants can grow, for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made-deserts, for avoiding seed eaters, and for protecting seeds until long-duration rains fall to soak the clay ball, stimulating the seeds with the moisture, and washing away some of the clay off the top of the ball. The seeds inside then germinate in the best possible plant establishment conditions available in each climate-region". Thank you Wikipedia: I could not have explain it better!

I went to the second class this week. Absolutely interesting also, even though I've been less participating, because the topics were much more technical / political, and all in english (...or maybe it is just me, because I was utterly tired... and maybe a bit preoccupied?). Well anyways, I will need to take time to rethink and review it all like a movie in my head, to assure that I am transmitting correctly. But what I CAN say is that the "Do It Yourself" portion was to make a self watering plant container, made out of two recycled plastic buckets. Sorry, no picture for this one! But these are easy to find on internet, no worries!

Now, let me tell you a little more about where these classes are taught. I have had the surprise of my life to discover a small community of rad and marginal people at the Concordia University: the People's Potato. The University counts many buildings, but the one that interest me here is the Henry F. Hall building. This building has a rooftop greenhouse, that is "an all-organic space, geared towards education and research, sustainable horticulture, and community-building". Amazing, right? They call it The Concordia Greenhouse Project, which is managed by a working group of Sustainable Concordia, acting in partnership with the department of Geography, Planning and Environment. The role of the Sustainable Concordia is to seek to create more ecologically, socially and economically sustainable university community.

They even have two banana trees in there! Man, if we would have had a similar group in a French university, I can swear I would have made my way to studdy for an higher degree! Anyways... I'll make connections with some of these cool cats now, be assured! You can learn more about The Concordia Greenhouse Project HERE.

Graham Calder, our teacher, is very commited to the Concordia University. The young Permaculture Designer and Human Environment specialist also has his own social enterprise,
P3 Permaculture Design - People for the Profit of the Planet. If you are interested in knowing more about permaculture, please, have your first "class" with him, by listening to this 26 minutes podcast on The Philosophical Traveller blog.

Thank you, mister Graham to BE the change and to add your beautiful colors to my learning in constant improvement!

Let yourself be inspired by this, and plant, my friends! Plant any kind of greens, anywhere you feel like to do so! And for those who are in for the
New Reality Transmission, don't miss it tonight: only two days left! We need your powerful thoughts!

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