Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We can achieve this together!

Hey, friends!

I wonder if you have noticed the new online video campaign of Plastic Pollution Coallition, featuring celebrities pledging to REFUSE disposable plastics?
Here’s Jack Johnson, in one of those.

A bit more than 2 weeks ago, I've shared with you my excitment for great events that were to come up on this incredible month of November. And since then, some more have been added to my list, which continues to grow on an on, pricipally because of my new classes of permaculture. So, I am now taking the time to share with you my account of the famous live stream one day event: the worldwide webcast forum TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch. Okay, I didn’t really have to participate, but just to tune in and to pay 100% of my ears and of my attention to the important discussions and to the artistic sharings. And sometime cheering up, alone in my living room, I admit!

Thus, as most of you might already know, Plastic Pollution Coallition was holding this forum on November 6, in Los Angeles, CA. Many leaders in ocean conservation, health and environmental issues were participating, in the ultimate goal of sharing their great desire to see things change, and to find solutions to stop the pollution from plastic. I don’t know if you were tuned in, but that was a fantastic event!

Wonder why the existence of that big plastic patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Ha! Well, did you know that not even a little fragment of plastic, produced since its discovery in 1870, has never disappeared from the surface of the Earth? Well… a lot has been deeply buried, and some has been recycled and transformed… into another shape of plastic, though…

The social activist Erica Williams said about plastic: "These objects, created to be used for only a few moments, stay with us forever at a tremendous cost to the planet and the environment."

Here is a really motivating video for stopping using plastic (at the very minimum, the disposable sort).

If this is not enough to convince you, I don’t know what would do! Raise your glass and stainless steel water bottles to this, y’all!

Now, I‘ve shared an idea here a month ago, after I stumbled upon an invention which, to me, would be the only solution to make all the plastic of 140 years of accumulation to disappear. Please allow me to share the invention with you all a second time, as a refresh and an awe state of mind.

To this, I say again: put that machine on a boat and make it eat the plastic patch! What do you think, my friends? If you have any other ideas or any additions related to mine, I would LOVE to hear you!

But of course, we are all aware that this won’t solve all our plastic problems. We have to solve it at its source: stop using disposable plastic. And this is one the four challenges thrown by the TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch as a conclusion to the forum. This is the only challenge that is directly concerning each of us. By the way, I take this opportunity to invite you to take The REFUSE Pledge HERE.

The three other challenges were aimed to the manufacturers of plastic products, to policymakers and political leaders around the globe, and to all nations threatened by plastic pollution. You can learn more about each of these challenges HERE.

If we make efforts to hold them all, I think that we can all agree to say that it will have an immediate impact on the environment and on our health. Not to mention all the animal species who will be saved from a great danger.

I am perfectly positive on that: I truly believe that we can achieve these goals all together!

On this burst of enthusiasm, I wish you all to spend an amazing weekend, surrounded by the ones you love!


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