Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hopeful - Through politic understanding

All right my friends!
Let’s make it completely different today, okay? Some things are obsessing me right now, and ‘til I don’t do something about it, it seems that it won’t go away… So please allow me.

Maybe that I shouldn’t open that can of worms, but I can’t help but to give my point of view on politic… Since I understood and started to feel the ONENESS, I feel concerned by everything that is going on the planet. Well, I mean… I already WAS, at some point (I am one of those sensible person who is touched when something bad happen to any other person or country), but what has changed is that I now feel concerned even BEFORE anything good or bad happens. Get it?

Also, I’ve been the one who hated politic, but still understood a significant enough amount of. And it is weird how I’ve followed the recent campaign of my southern neighbours… as I did for the last one in my own country (but which was the first I was really interested in and was following). So, this makes this U.S. campaign the second that I am following. Ha! I think this means much though! No? Anyways… that’s not my point. My point is that, during that campaign, I went on some other blogs and so many times I went like “No!! You don’t get it!! Stop fighting, people, please!!”

All of this just brought me to feel even more interested into politic. Hummm… weird once more. The young women that used to think she would never EVER take a lead conversation about politic is just taking a step aside. I think that what I have read recently has simply put a brighter spot light on why we are always stuck with the same parties that we are ALWAYS unsatisfied with... As soon as the result is revealed, EVERYBODY start to criticize… What the heck?! WE voted them! In there is an answer, when we stop and take a moment of zen to think about it, no?? To me, this means that, globally, maybe we do not understand properly how politic works… or rather, and most probably, we DO understand it, but just don’t always act like so… Am I completely out of the track? Tell me if so, please!

What I want to highlight is that there is nothing “personal” in politic. And YES, we have to globalize concerning each party (ideas & members). I mean… The one guy of a party that we vote for, even though we do not agree with a big part of what the rest of his party is promoting, just because that one guy is nice and different… That’s wrong. And NO, I don’t think that I am being “unfair” to say that. It’s nothing personal. When this one guy will be in chamber with his peeps, WHO will make pass or stop an idea? The nice dude? No: his PARTY. So YES, we must think globally. So, to my point of view, it is better to vote for one guy that we don't admire this much if his PARTY promote something that we feel good for our planet. If we think that they will bring things further: these are the one we should vote for. And... this is my very personal process for voting: I love to vote for the very small party that we all know they won't rule things out 'cause they are too small. Great! As soon as I am not voting for one of those big machines! I pick the small one that I feel the most open and honnest, and I give it my vote. My message to the big ones is all there!

A second point: If you have done your homeworks and tried to understand and make up your mind, but still don’t know for whom voting, please, don’t vote like if you were playing Heads Or Tails: Cancel your vote! And, seriously, this is really important: not to simply don’t go voting, but to CANCEL your vote. Why? Because this gesture expresses a saturation and sickness and is a wholesale rejection of the way we do politic. A ridiculously low turnout for election would send a strong message to political parties, supporters and media, and by the gesture, we weaken the legitimacy of these parties, whether they are government, opposition or third parties.

My last point is… PLEASE, people: stop feeling attacked when someone disagrees with your choices in voting! If some are “against” a party, this does NOT mean that they are “against” you! Once again?
And everything is never completely black or white, even more true in politic: there are a lot of grey zones.

You've probably already guessed that I am from the left (that’s not really a secret, and I assume who I am and the way I think). But we live in a world still much from the right. Am I wrestling and being mad with everybody? Nope. There would be no point, and I would be putting too much of negative energies into the atmosphere. Things are what they are, and the only things we CAN do are to pick our choices, hope for the best, and certainly put positivity out there and love our peers whatever their opinions are.

I am conscious that the results of this US campaign will ripple to my country. And soon enough. And I can tell that it will get to yours as well, anywhere you are from, that’s for sure. And that’s why I am definitely putting the most positivity in the atmosphere for what is to come for you first, my southern neighbours, after this result of the elections.

And I hope that this will take you to some reflexions, as it does for me.
On this… I wish you to have a good night and to sleep well.


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