Monday, 1 November 2010

Be bold. Be colorful.

Yaaay! I hope that you all have had so much fun for the Halloween! I had! Yes, so much, in fact! I admit that, my peeps and I, have lost the real tradition of Halloween, and simply see in it a very good reason for partying and be silly, completely silly. Thus, on the program have been: a yummy raw food potluck with friends ('cause we all need some strenght to make the fiesta!), then partying, dancing like crazies and playing music all night long (or so!).

And -WOW!- This year preparations of my costume have been so fun! This was the first time I was making my own design on a t-shirt. I had such a good time painting my "Raibow / Growing Love" t-shirt! What do you think? Nice job, right? :D

There we go! The Raibow-Love girl, in her takeoff
to go slide on her rainbow of little happiness

I did so well that for sure it won't stay as my Halloween "costume"! I'll wear it on the street anytime! Okay, maybe not with my face painted and these little tinkerings in my hair...! But still, this makes me want to be more colorful all year long! ;)

My inspiration has been THE LOVE, growing and growing, and becoming something as magical and bright as rainbows are (you can take this as another confidence: my last summer experiments left me little gaga about rainbows, though!). And, to finish it all, other sources of inspiration came from a post on Jason Mraz's blog with him and SuperForester Jon being superheroes (back to a few months ago), and from their friend's song Hero (one of my favorite ever, all categories and singers together). Thus, I became one also: the "Rainbow Lady, came here to grow the love"! Why not! Be silly, is that what I said? Ha! And I think I should push further and suggest my design to the Rainbow Family! But then I will possibly have to provide a good productivity... Can I do this? Do I want to do this? Huummmm... Let's sleep on it!

And let's show you one more pic: I took this one especially for you! The "Rainbow-Love" girl, sending you kisses from her 80's Vuarnet-Pink kitchen!

Aside note: when my roomate and I moved into this appartment, we automatically said: "This is the first thing that will be repainted!"... and as we are very good procratinators, we haven't repainted any room yet (not honoring our design profession at all!), and I even get used to this pink! And it gives hallucinations to people visiting us! haha

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