Tuesday, 30 November 2010

From Me to We

Hello, pals!

It is a cold Tuesday afternoon, and I am sit back and very relax, enjoying a thoughtful moment about life and changes.

I was thinking this morning "How the hell have I achieved this? How is it that I now have so many and nice friends that I even never met, and which are spreaded all around the world?"

My journey here with you all started in a pretty simple way. I've been utterly inspired by others, and I wished to transfer this inspiration, this positivity, to others. All of this rapidly evolved into more personnal shares, and the contact with some of you has been natural and easy. We are all interconnected. It is like a small community.

With just a simple step -although not the easiest one to do, I admit: I've juggled for a long moment before doing so!- I went from my own boring little life to the exciting life that we all live together. From Me to We.

Each day, this choice that I made makes more and more sense. Things get more and more speeded up, and I meet more and more amazing cats. And, to each new one that I meet, I think "Ohhh! This is why I made that step! Thanks for this gift, Life!"

This journey, this step that I made about 8 months ago, brought me to recently discover the amazing Community of Permaculture in Montreal. I immediately wanted to get involved. With all those classes that I attend to, and the bit of help that I bring, I've never been this much busy, but neither this much full of hope. I am experiencing very high vibes right now. Once more, it is all about "from Me to We".

I am happy. And since you and I are WE, I hope you can feel this happiness as well!

Have an amazing day, my dear friends!

*By the way, do you know what means this beautiful word Namaste? It means so much and is very powerful. It says "I recognise the power that is within yourself". Or, according to Wikipedia: "I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One."
Be inspired and beautiful!

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