Friday, 3 December 2010

The multifaceted nature of sharing: All for the ONENESS

To me, there is no other action that is more important than SHARING. Sharing ideas helps to bring things further on, sharing food makes nobody to be hungry, sharing our happiness brings more than just you to smile about something, and sharing someone’s sadness or pain is what we call compassion, is what helps someone to stand up throughout hard times.

I am the first one that is gaining from my sharings on this blog of mine. To write my posts, I’m taking a moment of zen to think about a topic. It leads me to push my thoughts further on. It inspires me first, be assured! A day where I write is a day to be cranked up in positivity. And -since I am not only blogging (you must guessed!), but I am also acting in the way I am preaching- it happens that, in a day off of writing, I sometimes need a little boost. And in those moments, well it happens that I go back and re-read one of my own posts, in addition to all of others’ blogs, who are great sources of inspiration as well.

There are so many great sources of inspiration in this vast world of blogging. In addition to all those that I have already shared with you, some others put magic in my life lately.

Green and Free Blog: some of this cool cat’s posts will kick your ass, be aware! Thank for your beautiful self, Miss Vanessa!
i’m on an adventure: the youth has something to teach us. Jenni is truly amazing.
Miss Moon in the Sky: the lovely Tumblr site of my dear friend Hana. Her blog has often put me into great thoughts also:
Today, Tomorrow, and Sometime Yesterday.

You are all shining so bright, lovely ladies! I am proud to know you and to be by your side in this great journey!

And I am so grateful to you. Yes, to YOU, dearest reader, for your support and for your lovely comments.

I am here because you
are there. We are all
creating this together.

I love you. Yes, YOU,
dearest reader, because
you totally rock!

Be inspired, be beautiful, and lets share stuff together, my friends!


  1. I love the cartoon. Ruler and rock. Great finding!
    and thank you for including me in your inspirational community :) I am truly grateful!

    Sharing is absolutely delicious. I always have craving for that I guess. I've been experiencing slight holiday blue lately, but today's " The Daily Love" blog made my day! Read this. It's awesome!

    Now, gotta go to my first driving lesson!! If you hear a rumble from a far would be me bumping onto someone's car ;p hee hee. Wish me luck!

    Chat with ya later, sis!!

    Love <3


  2. Hana!
    Thank you for the link! It is indeed a nice post! I also like their series of Today’s Affirmations.

    We create the direct circumstances around us. Thus, yes: we CREATE ourself! Obviously easy to say when we are relaxed, but so easy to forget about this fact when we are caught into the swirl of life sometimes!

    So, you also are a busy little bee lately? So many projects that we want to accomplish, right? I am happy that you stopped by! It is always so sweet to hear from you!

    YES!! You are realizing your dreams, and this is soooo good to hear!! You'll rock this city with your Flower truck! You are the bestest, and you'll do just perfectly!

    Much love, sister!

  3. Thank you for the plug and the kind words! I love that green and free blog! So awesome : )

  4. Hey, Jenni!! No problem: it's my pleasure! All the time!

    Yes, awesome! Ans it is run by our friend SuperForester Vanessa. :)

    Much love and Aloha, Miss Rempel!