Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Everydays!

Happy Sunday, beautifuls!

I hope that each of you is having the most wonderful Holidays ever, and is spending a great time with your loved ones, family and friends. Persuing in the same tone than how has been this entire year of 2010, something is changing a lot for me in my perception of Christmas. I never felt this much disconnected to this huge tradition, but never had such a great time and feeling this much well surrounded and loved.

I am going through it in the opposite way that I've ever been. I did not even put a foot in a mall or a shop. I've always been a giver type. I've always had so much pleasure to give gifts, way more than to receive one. But this year, I did not give any, and I haven't receive any either. But I realise that I gave and received way much more than ever before.

Nothing as been done in the traditionnal way. No turkey, no meat pie, no meatball and pigs' feet stew, and no sweet pickled onions and gherkins. Dressed as I am everyday, wearing no makeup, just as everyday, I found myself surrounded with lovely and simple people, all friends, from old times and brand new ones also. No one have had the trouble to cook for days and being stressed out to create the ONE BIG reception. Each party that I took part at, was from the same formula: potluck style. Everyone bring a meal and a drink to share, some bring a game to play, others bring a music instrument. And the night takes different turns, as the time goes by and as we are enjoying each other and the special moment.

Yep, I see that you noticed: it is all about SHARING. Sharing food, sharing drinks, sharing laughts and stories, and hugs. Looking at this celebration time with these new eyes, I see that everyday should be Christmas. Everyday should be a celebration and an occasion to share with friends and family. Material gifts last for a certain time, but great moments with closer friends, will add a plus value to our life, in one way or another, that will last forever, since it becomes a part of you. Thus, I officially rename this time of year: from now on, I won't wish Happy Holidays to anyone, but Happy EVERYDAYS! YES! :D

Yesterday night, I had no plans for today. And this morning I went outside to have a breakfast with a friend, and tonight we are going to another friend's place for another potluck and playing an hawaiian board game. Tomorrow? That is another day, and we'll see when we'll be there. The door is wide open for anything to happen. The way that I am now allowing me to look at this freedom feels so good! Make place for surprises and uncertainty into your life. And breathe.
And smile, 'cause life is so truely wonderful!

Sending you much love and happy vibes. May you all have the most astonishing last week of the year EVER!



  1. Thank you so much, Vanessa!
    I hope that you feel awesome and are enjoying a great time with your loved ones!
    Happy Everydays! :)

  2. That's a good one!! A potluck party!!! Sounds like you had a great time during the holidays ;) Gifts are appreciated always, but the most beautiful gifts are LOVE exchanged among friends and family :D

    How are you, miss sunshine? Today, we are in a frigid air....brrrr.....I'm really jealous about my friends in San Diego...!