Friday, 30 August 2013

To the Change!

I tried, during the last three years, to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible, to let go of certain attachments. This has found translation into traveling more, reaching out more to others, volunteering my time for great causes, speaking up about things touching my core values even though I was a very shy person, and... letting people know who I really am, even though they could make up distorted ideas about it: they would make up ideas anyway...!

This is how I decided to show up then, writing in social medias, saying « Okay, here’s what I figured out, and here’s what I am processing or dealing with! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but to rather be pretty excited about! » Yes, during these last 18 months, I almost abandoned this very blog of mine, for I was everywhere, experiencing too many things, that it became almost impossible to gather myself and write about it... Facebook then seemed the best option, for I could feel okay to share only bits at a time. Intense bits, by moments, just to shake some skins, mine included! ;)

Thus, throughout these last three years where I’ve been doing this, sharing my whole Self, I’ve learned so much about myself, more than I did during the 30 years before then, in fact! Choosing to get out of my comfort zone, I experience so much of Life, more than I could ever have imagined possible. And little by little, I gain confidence. I  am learning to dive in and swim, into the harsh bottom subinertial currents that sucks us down, as in the nice waves that brings us floating atop. This can be very destabilizing, yes, for sure, but it is so much fun at the end! And oh, how rewarding! I am grateful for all these opportunities that Life gave me, and for this thing, deep inside of me, which made me grab them and wanting to ride them and learn, and change... Yes, so much Gratitude!

Here’s to the change! 
Thanks to those still reading me after all this time, I hope I still bring you a little smile, and that we relate, somehow.