Saturday, 11 December 2010

Miracle rescues

I wonder if you have saw this news passing by on internet last month, and if this astonnish you as much as me?

Every year, from July to October, thousands of animals cross the Mara River, to migrate from the
Masai Mara to the Lamai plains. For the Zebras, the Wildebeest and the Thomson's gazelles, this Great Migration is indeed a necessary adventure to their survive, even though it costs the life of some of them. But this time, a hippo was there, and something amazing happened.

"The hippo was watching as the wildebeest herd swam past. As soon as the calf jumped in, the hippo swam up to it and pushed it along all the way across until it had reached safety on the other side. It then went back and did the same for a zebra foal just minutes later."

Yes, a hippopotamus -the third largest land animal- rescued a baby zebra and a baby wildebeest from drowning, as they were trying to crossed over the river with their herd.

The beautiful photos of this great moment have been captured by Michael Yule and other guests of Lemala Camp, a seasonal tented camp for those who want to capture the best wildlife action in Tanzania.

Don't you think that it is an amazing story? Nature is so surprising and so wonderfully made!

Go sit in a park somewhere this weekend, and observe it! Let me know which beauties you'll have seen!
And let yourself be inspired by this female hyppo, and spontaneously help those who are different from you!

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