Thursday, 11 November 2010

Expressive ME

I have that fantastic CD of The Makepeace Brothers, for which I can't help but feeling AT the concert and sing, and cheer, and laugh, and answer... And there is this part that I LOVE and take part to, everytime. It's their game "Would You Rather"...

... "to carry, anywhere I go, a glass jar with someone's head inside... or rather wear wet underwears all the freakin' time?"... Laughing at it every time, walking alone on the street with earsets on, and still find myself wondering which one I would rather.
I think I would have questions to ask these guys before taking my decision. Would that head still be animated? I mean... Would I be able to have like... really interresting discussions and laugh with my glass jar (or with the head, admittedly)? And these underwears... I suppose they would sometime get dry, no? Or... are they self-watering or something?? :D

Haha! I always have tons of images coming by. And it's written on my face, indeed. I have one of those super expressive faces sometimes... Maybe that's why people give me those eyes on the street?! Ha! Images. Do they see those images on my face? Oups...! :D

Aahhhh! Thank you for providing me so much joy, dearest LRC Live In San Diego CD!

For you, dearest readers, here are the funny dudes. Enjoy their lovely crazyness!

Yes, Peter, this is where I got that happy habit and inspiration!
And yes, y'all, it happens that I have a friend named Peter (well, he's Pierre, but I like to call him Peterrr. And he has nothing in common with that deer, except that he is awesome too), with who I often do that thing of giving to Mother Nature a snack!

And here's the last Flipisode that I found from them.

Ha! You know why I am having so much fun sharing this with you tonight? I wrote the entire post yesterday night, but I wanted to re-read and correct it before to publish it, but it was pretty late and decided to wait... And when I came back from work today, I got a message saying that The Makepeace Brothers were requesting for the help of their supporters and fans to complete and launch their new album. How to refuse it!? I love their music and I want it to be spreaded all around the world, to any who is ready to listen to those words of love! Check this out, my friends!
And if you liked all of what you hear and see through all the links in this post, why not contributing? You'll receive the CD anyways, it is the exact same thing than buying the album, and you'll even get more for your money! Sounds fair enough to me! ;)

On this, have an awesome weekend everyone, and let your cute little face being expressive!

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