Sunday, 10 October 2010

Let's rally today!

Heyo pals! Today is the 10/10/10!
A while ago, I've heard that this intention has been put up for a special day of worldwide rallies, but for a reason that is escaping me, it went in the drawer of oblivions at the back of my head... But it has been miraculously brought back to my concious yesterday night -right before I go to bed- by a friend of my enlarged universal family sharing the link of

Thus, because I am at the very last minute, I won't be of the same commitment that I would have liked, but hey, I won't drop it, oh no! You know you can always count me in for you, beautiful blue globe! So I will do something for sure! Don't know what yet, but for sure it will be much fun!

Thus, my fellow humans, I am asking: will you be in today? Whatever your action is, send me your pictures in, so we can share about! And remember that there is no too small action! Can't wait to read you about this very special day!

P.S. do not despair for my post about Jason Mraz's concert, it's coming! The starving internet just ate it all up last night to remember me priorities... so I've listened to it and I ran outside to join a friend of mine! I will have to start it all over again... but not today, 'cuz I'll be out to enjoy that day! Love!


  1. YES! This is a great movement as is Earth Hour:
    I participated in the 2010's Earth Hour and it was magical to see the world (most of the world) turn their lights off! But I think our and ZO "Zero One" will be one of my main community commitments. Hope you have a great Tendy-TenTen!!!!
    LOVE ~

  2. Fantastic, Pati! I wasn't aware of Earth hour! Now that I am, there is no doubts that I 'll be participating to the next one! March 26 2011, at 8h30PM, it's a rendezvous!

    Thanks for the share, Pati!
    Much love and gratitude
    ~ M