Monday, 11 October 2010

A SuperMrazy show!

So! Since many of you are readers of the amazing blog that is SuperForest, I think that, by now, many already have an idea of how intensively vibrant must have been my last Tuesday, right? I was so eager to share this with you! But you understand that there was no way I would have stolen the punch that was to come up there!

So now watch out: this will probably be the longest post I will ever write! 'Cause I have not one, but two great things to write about: my first meet up with the incredible SuperForester Heather, and my very first attendance to a Jason Mraz concert. And guess what: both on the same day! Yeah! I know! I've been totally overwhelmed all day long! And to top this all, we have been so kindly greeted by the people who are great sources of inspiration for us!

Now, come on and jump on board, I'll try to bring you back into my shoes and be your tour guide for that day!

Let's start it this way: I woke up on Tuesday morning with a smile upon my face... so just as every morning... but with the slight difference that this time, it just stayed sat there all day long, like in a facial cramp! I am sure you got the picture though!

I should probably say that less than 125 miles are separating Heather and I, and since we both live in somewhat important cities, it is easy to travel between both, using public transportations. Thus, because I do not drive, I've jumped in the bus linking Montreal to Ottawa. And during the ride, guess what I have been doing? Listening to some Mraz Music, of course! Sounded so appropriate, right? Well, it would have been hard to make it differently, since his last cd (along with The Makepeace Brothers LRC cd and some indian chantings) is the only music that I've transfered into my MP3 player, to always accompany me wherever I go! The excitment for what was to come, plus the music I was listening to, and the few pages of the first chapter of the book I've just started to read, made the two hours and a half bus ride passed pretty fast! By the way, when I'll be done with that book (The Prospering Power Of Love) I will definitely have to tell you more about it. This book -that has recently been given to me with a whole bunch of similar ones- was the best thing to start to read to vibrate the lyrics during the concert! But for now, let's just go back to my trip to Ottawa, okay?

So! I've got off the bus on the lunch time in a Ottawa shining bright under a wonderful sun. Yeah! So sunny it was! Well, how else could have been that incredible day, right?! The radiant Jason Mraz was in town! And along with Miss Joyfulness in person, a.k.a Tricia Huffman! That day was starting so well! I then joined a super smily SuperForester Heather (although she was a little sick). The connexion has been immediate, so easy and natural! She was absolutely as rad as I was expecting she would be! By the way, I must declare how grateful I am to get to know so many utterly amazing beings since last spring! Life is infinitely generous, and I thank her everyday for that!

Here we are! In the excitement of the last minutes
of waiting before the party starts!

Together, we headed off to Kanata town center, where we spent a part of the afternoon and the evening. We enjoyed the beautiful sunny day by sitting on the grass and having great talks about amazing things in life, and by walking (a lot!) around, and -YES!- by briefly meet the inspiring superforesty singer and activist Jason Mraz AND the as inspiring joyologist Tricia, who so kindly gave us some of her time to tell us more about how she is living it, being on tour.

I want to warmly thank once more the so lovely and generous souls found in miss Tricia and in Jason Mraz! The excitement of the moment (and my brain already exhausted for having talked so much of english during the last few hours), simply had locked my mouth. And today I can simply bite my fingers for not having expressed to SuperForester Jason my high regards for his pretty intense commitment to every forms of life, and all my gratitude to the person who gave me the greatest gift possible, which was to turn my head onto the real essence of life. Although I am sure my whole self shone the feeling, I should have hug and properly say thanks. I can say that, once more, I didn't followed the rule of Never let my mind to stop me from having a good time! Well, I shall now thank the life for giving me this lesson and reminder that will be stuck with me for a long time!

What else?...
haha! I know, I know, you can't wait to know about the CONCERT! You've been so patient! Thank you! And, as you all expected: it was totally AWESOME!!! My ears, my heart, my whole self and soul were listening to the caress of the loveful lyrics and music, and dancing on a prayer to the whole universe to feel and hear the call for a loveful and peaceful universal family to unify and care into saving and loving what is there for us! Ahhh, how I would have loved this concert to continue to party, karamu, fiesta all night long! haha

The only (kind of) shadow on the lovely day was to realize that only a minority of Jason Mraz's fans present there seemed to have fully understood and integrated his message... As SuperForester Heather already said in her post, the plastic bottles all over the place were an important reminder for the emergency to find solutions and, of course, to continue to put efforts to aware people even more...

That's about it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed the little story of my day! For those who haven't read SuperForester Heather's post yet, you can easily remedy the situation by clicking HERE!

Sending you a part of the bliss, which my bateries have been fulfilled with by the groovy concert!

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