Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quote Of The Day

Good morning, sunshines!
I woke up this morning... and just stayed in bed like I absolutely love to do on every morning on weekends! Savoring the begining of a brand new day (and a totally-free-of-time-day!). I've never have been able to understand people that are just freaking out badly when they have free time in their hands (like: "Oh no! What the heck am I gonna do? I have to go to work!"). I am definitely not one of those, praying during the whole weekend so that Monday comes back quickly, or being alone at the office -by choice- on the weekends, working like a crazy 'cuz this is my confort zone. Nope, this is not mine!

Thus, I stayed in bed dreaming, eyes wide open, rethinking the whole world. My own little paradise, in which all of you are with me. And happy and smily, this makes me be! Once my vision is satisfying enough, then I kick myself out of the bed, well start the day and do something that will get me closer to this vision! Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not different than anybody: I also have those super lazy days sometimes! But then I blog a little positive something, which is another way to bring some good changes. Don't you think?

And right now, I make myself smiling, 'cause I realize how easily I can always get away from my main subject! What I want to share with you is that this morning, during this savouring moment that I've given myself, I rolled over myself and I extended my arm to grab a little book that I just received in present. It's a pocket book of optimistic quotes. It's a french translated version of
A Thousand Paths to Long Life. The principle is that you randomly pick a page and read a quote. As simple and lovely as it is!

And this made me feel like to add a new series of post to A Commitment To Shine! This will take a pretty short form: just the quote itself. Ha! This one will be easy! But it will speak much and make you smile. How does it sounds to you?

Okay, even if the form is different (much longer, though!) let start it right now with this very first QOTD:

"Enjoyment is accessible here and now. Let yourself be guided by your heart". Anonymous



  1. GAH I LOVEEE your post XXD Made me smile....a nice way to end the day haha
    And don't worry about your english as long as you're getting the message across, everything else will come out along eventually

  2. Thank you, Punk Chopsticks! Very nice profile pic!
    Celebrating Halloween in Malaisia?
    Have fun anyway! :)

  3. The quote is right and it's perfect for a day like this. I was almost sucked into a cyber space all day long....but I remember the smell of trees in Central Park! I immediately shut down my computer then rushed to the park :) was super gorgeous!! Before the air gets truly nippy...I would visit there as much as I can. Just to walk in the park brings me tons of joy.

    Let's make happy happen!

    Good night, miss sunshine ☀