Sunday, 17 October 2010

WE ARE the environment

Have you ever been caught in a swirl of questions facing something that you feel so strong, but which you don't understand? It happens to me more and more frequently... As if it is my heart that is starting to understand things... But the mind, not wanting to lose the lead, engages a struggle, which simply freezes me completely, staying there for hours, endlessly questioning myself, juggling with question marks and missing answers.

I can say that this is what happens each time I come back in town, after a hike in the woods. Just as today. When I find myself surrounded by nature, I simply FEEL things. My heart is all there. IT sees, feels, understands every living forms. I don't need to talk. My HEART is communicating with everything that is surrounding me. The light seems to have another color. The whole universe takes another sens.

Then I come back in town... and something brings my mind back. And I get lost in the struggle. And... the mind sometimes wins and leaves me having doubts about my mental health, I admit! :P

Today, this video -from my daily reading of my favorite blog, which you all know as being
SuperForest- made me understand something (well, obviously yes I understood, or I wouldn't even have been able to write the first two paragraphs, since I couldn't put words on all of this before!)... Please take a moment to watch it.

Okaaaaay! Is that why I was feeling so connected with the nature? Yeaaaah! I AM the environment! Strange how I was able to feel it but not to understand it, because I couldn't put words on it. Thus, I couldn't link up. --Words, words, yeah... My opinion is that us humans need them too much at times! And I count myself into this. We pay too much attention to words and not enough to feelings-- All this to say that I already had the answers in my hands (coming from music that I listen to: "I'm all of you", "We’re all just here as one"), but I couldn't fully understand these words (and still, am I really fully integrating this notion?), since it doesn't make sens to the mind. And I was feeling all of this without understanding what I was feeling.

I think I couldn't because it is not logical to the point of view that had been given to me by the society in which I live, and because the mind is trained to always take the wheel. It definitely isn't an easy task to get away from what has been inculcated! And I am so grateful to now get to see with the eyes of my heart! Even if this sometimes means that I have to face some others' eyes telling me that I am a fool. All of what I receive from giving greater openness and more importance to my heart worth it a thousand times! Thank you, wonderful life, to never cease to amaze me!

Now I should say: because you are reading this, I KNOW you are aware of and taking good care of the environment. So from here, what can we do more? Raise awareness of others surrounding us. Preach for Mother Nature. Yeah, preach for Her! Without any fear of judgement. Because those who judge will not change anything, but WE have the power to change the way that all of us are looking at the environment... And that, by dint of speaking, it will eventually no longer be a matter of judgement anyway... It's thus up to us to change it all!

WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT. Let's treat it with as much of consideration as we treat ourselves, and this world will definitely be a better place!

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