Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sprouting: for the love of your body!

Sprouts, sprouts, sprouts! My lovely little sprouts, how you are good to me!

With the days getting shorter and the grayer temperature brought by the autumn that is arriving to our door, my body is screaming to me for more of raw energy.
Thus, I've listened to the call and immediately doubled the diversity of my production! Yep! I have tons of seeds at home, but I usually sprout only one or two varieties at a time. But why is that exactly? Well... I'm affraid I have to admit that it is by lack of perseverance, and nothing else!

Alright! We all feel the reactions of our body, right? But when do we stop to ask it ''Okay, I heard you, but what are you trying to tell me there?'' and relate the reaction to a specific need? I actually am to develop my attention to the deep calls trown to me. I am slowly opening my senses and improving my connectivity with my Self. And it is obvious: with the universe as well. ;)

So! Yeah! Let me introduce you to my little healing friends! What do we got here...

The colorful pair of beans, Mr. Mung and Ms. Adzuki. Then Misters Wheat and Incredible Fenugreek are the little guys I've been eating for breakfast on my rock (in the middle of the rapids, remember? By the way, I recently added directly to the post one of the videos we made of the highest point of the camping site. Hope you'll enjoy it!). And the last, but for sure not the least: my beloved Alfalfas! I also made some Quinoa sprouts, but I've eaten them all up already (these are pretty quick to sprout though)!

I cannot part with sprouting, especially for Alfalfas! I even started doing it at Zero One also, as well as mung beans and lentils! It is such an easy thing to do by yourself at home, and is so beneficial for your body! Look at this video from Kristen's Raw to get to know, step by step, how to do it! And why wouldn't you take the opportunity to visit her blog? You really should!

As a person from the Hyppocrate Health Institute wrote me once: "If you don't take care of your body, where will you live"?
So, fight the little drops of energy naturally, while treating yourself!


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