Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mission completed!

Heyo pals!
Every summer, one thing is never a compromise on my "to do list", and it is to go camping at least once. And I can say that I've never did as much of camping as this summer! So, without any wait, here is all about my last weekend!

In early afternoon on Friday, my friend and I left the noisy city to join my brother and three other friends on our favorite camping site, which is the site of the 2008 Quebec's Rainbow Gathering, close to the Megantic Mount.

As soon as we arrived, after the firsts hugs and talks, started the assembly of the tents, the harvesting of dead wood for the firecamp, and the decoration of our spaces to create the good vibe that has tinted our whole weekend. Then we cooked fish and vegetables in papillotes, and played music until we burned all the wood gathered.

The view is beautiful from the hammock, but don't swing too hard,
'cause you'll find the drop very high, and the level of water
a way
too low in the river down there (due to this summer drought)!

After a good night of sleep, lulled by the sound of the rapids just a few feet close by, I woke up and had my breakfast, sat on a rock in the middle of the rapids, facing the current and the sunshine, letting myself being bathed in its rays.

My yummy breakfast. Let's talk about it! I prepared myself a mix of yogurt, berries and granola cereals, accompanied with a crescent. But my brother, always taking care of his little sister, jumped across the river to bring me a yummy flat cranberry bread covered with nut butter and with fenugreek and wheat sprouts. MMMmmm! What an awesome breakfast! Now I am ready to go in expedition! Let's stroll down the river and extract some ''Fool's Gold'' (Pyrite, which is as perfect cubes in the rocks) and harvest some more wood for tonight!

What is this low voice, Marie?! Ha! :P
What a nice decoration, right? It was naturally almost all there,
we just defined the outline. Yes, we are tree huggers, and we
like to give back to nature what it gives us -which are
loving and healing good vibrations!

For the second and last night, I didn't participated in the jam session. Inspired by the beautiful moon and by the different vibe, I've massaged my friends' head and shoulders, just as I learned to do so, sat on a beach in Hawaii, and which is so beneficial! Then we went for a long walk in the woods to listen to the coyotes howl. To end this day in a perfect way, I fell asleep hypnotized by the flames of the firecamp.

On sunday, after another breakfast on the same rock and a refreshing swim, we packed our stuff and went on the top of the St-Joseph Mount (the second highest mountain of the Megantic mountain range) to chill, recentering ourselves with the energy of Mother Nature and having great talks.

The mountains that we see in the distance are
the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA.

The zoom on the height on the other side is made on the Megantic Astronomical Observatory.

Then comes the inevitable return into Babylone and its traffic! Oh well! I have to make part of it for right now, and I am fine with this. Montreal is still a beautiful city, and still has much treasures to share with me.

The important to highlight from this weekend story is that I've found everything I was looking for, and I am glad to say that all has came to me by itself. I could not have hoped for better! I guess I called it loud enough and was listening carefully enough to receive the answers in my heart. I am so lucky to have such good friends whom I can thank for their love, and to have received the gift of this special relationship with dearest Mother Nature, who always has had the knack to enlight and comfort me. I could be seperated from anyone, but never from her beauties without becoming totally insane.

In all my gratefulness for all that is given to me, 'cause I can share it all with you.


  1. Aloha Marie-Eve! Yay for Canadian SuperForesters!
    I love your blog and added it to my subscriptions : )
    I'm so glad there are other happy folk in our country haha.
    Keep sharing, I look forward to reading about your experiences!

  2. Jenni!
    It's a joy to 'meet' you, Canadian sister of the Family-Of-The-Love-Spreading-And-Of-The-Contagious-Smile-With-The-Heart-Linked-To-Zero-One! :) Haha

    I've enjoyed so much reading your journal about your trip the other day! Thanks for your kind words! Looking forward to read more about yours too! Love,
    ~ M

  3. Hola, my nature loving sister!

    First...sorry, I mistakenly clicked on a delete button. ha. I'm half way putting my feet in the world of la la land... :o

    It looks totally amazing to sleep on the hammock! I always love mountains. I love San Diego's different nature, but....Love, Love, Loooove GREENS!! How was Miss Moon? Did she join the jam session? She must be a great singer, yes?

    Your brother seems to be super sweet :) Love is always there for you, from your family, friends, and our loving mother nature.

    Your post makes me want to pay a visit to my friend's house in the woods...

    Love and giggles,


  4. Hey there, Hana!
    Your comments never cease to make me smile!
    I didn't dare to try to sleep in the hammock: a way too close from the drop to the river! haha! Waking up tumbling down the slope didn't make parts of my plans! :P

    Oh, yes, Miss Moon was beautiful and very bright, but was just listening very carefully and approving! I didn't pay attention, but some stars were probably dancing too! ;)

    My dear brother... Yes, he definitely IS super sweet! We are so lucky to have each other!

    Have a great time with your friends there, refueling your heart and your soul with fresh air!

    Much love to you!