Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An amazing summer!

Happy Wednesday, my dear friends!
You probably noticed that I’ve been off from writing for a bit more than two weeks… My month of July has been super but happily busy! By the way, I am definitely having the greatest summer ever! And I do really hope that you are enjoying yours as much!

You must be asking "But what is she doing that is so great?" Ha! I’m happy you asked! ;) Let me tell you…

It all started with my move back to Montreal city in last May. Then I did much with my new roomate and best friend Claude-Emilie: a lot of very long walks in town...
and a few pic-nics and frisbee-football-soccer playing in parks.
Where all became even much more thrilling, is when I travelled to Kauai, learned a bit about permaculture and connected with new friends, feeling like I'd just found back, accross the ocean, the family that I had lost sight of at the end of a previous life. My heart suddenly began to feel much lighter.

When I came back here, a gift was waiting for me: I spent a wonderful time with an angel. Her name is Olivia, she is my little niece and she will be 1 year-old next weekend! I babysat her for the first time, and this has been for four amazing days! She brings me a lot of peace and she radically brings me into the "NOW".

This leads us to the month of July. I celebrated my 31st anniversary on the 1st and, spreaded onto a couple of weeks, I attended to many festivals, as the latest: the Osheaga Music and Art Festival, where I’ve saw, among others, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros performing on stage. AWESOME! You can read my report of the event on by clicking HERE.

Finally, I closed this very hot month in attending to two huge, but REALLY HUGE, events of camping. The first one was the Space Gathering and, the latest, the Rainbow Gathering. This last activity is the one that has contributed the most -beside my trip to Zero One, of course- to my ongoing transformation process. It has been another wonderful surprise, and I felt just like if I had found another, a third, family! See, I now feel like I have family members all over the world! YAY! To my eyes, it is coming true now : ONE BIG FAMILY. THE ONENESS (it is kinda the subtitle of my blog, it’s time to refer to it!). This sounds so sweet to my ears!

Now, I am just waiting to get pictures taken by friends (who probably still are in the woods there, or still on their raft, if it didn't sink!) to share more of this event with you guys.

Until I get those, let’s go play outside! Have an incredible month of August everyone!

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