Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Weekend updates

Okay! I promissed updates about this huge camping event I attended to… but what to say? Han! That has been a way, WAY, bigger and crazy event than I was imagining, that’s for sure! And I’ll be attending to it next year, that's another pretty sure point! ;)

The site was amazing and the organizers have done an incredible job to make in sort that the 800 of super nice fellows present there (yes, you’ve well read: we were approximatively 800 people! I know, it’s crazy!) can have much fun and do camping there.

I went with my brother and 5 other great friends of ours. And thanks to them, we were camping in the VIP part, further in the woods. We installed our tent in circle with a wide tarpaulin over, where we could gather and have lunches and great talks in the middle. We left the city on Friday in a big rain (after a week of crazy heat waves, of course rain had to fell down at the exact moment we were leaving do do camping! Ha!), but we got chance that during the weekend, the sun ended up to come out, to let us enjoying to swim in the refreshing river!

Music was playing 24 hours a day for 4 days (but I've been there 3 days), in different parts of the site. At the some kind of "medium intensity" stage, I discovered a DJ called Equanimous, making Psy-trance electro music. He waked me up slowly with a really sweet music on sunday morning. I would have liked to share his music with you, but I have not been able to find anything from him on the net yet… I’ll keep paying attention and let you know! For right now, I could just give you a pretty far taste of what it was: it was kind of starting with the sweet music of a some kind of indian chanting, like this one that I love:

And then it was slowly mixed into a psy-trance music. An awesome waking up, I can tell you!

This was my first time of participating to a huge event like this. I'm super tired to had almost no sleep, but I’ve enjoyed it so much! We made lots of new friends, which I’ll probably see again soon in another upcoming super cool event, since I’m going to do camping at the Quebec’s Rainbow Gathering! YAAY!! What a super busy and so exciting summer time! :)


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