Thursday, 8 July 2010

I want it magical!

Last week has been marked by my 31st anniversary. That week has not been quite different than the 51 preceding ones. Except for the proudness I felt in looking behind, to this past year, to choices I made, to the changes I’ve been proceeding to. I did much, I’ve been strong. This last year has been one of discovering and opening. Yeah: of opening, definitely! It is the first one that I've been entirely devoting to myself (with some wanderings and misleadings! But who does not?). And how all this have been profitable to me!

What made me think about all this? The days surrounding my birthday, I’ve been so well surrounded by so many and so great friends, that I would not have been so blind as not to see how great has been this last year! Plus, on the day of my birthday, I woke up with my beloved brother, I've been wonderfully surprised by my roomate Claude-Emilie and by Maude, an other friend that is living with us for the summer, and I had someone to think to. What more can I ask for?


Thus, while going through all those great thoughts, I took decisions :
Let’s make the next 52 upcoming weeks (and which will make up all my 32nd year) to be the greatest EVER! Let’s make it wild, let’s make it MAGICAL! Yaay!

Here is an other decision I took : I won’t open my own raw food café. I have an other idea about what to do with those skills and that passion, but I will reveal it in time (I'm still to brew it). The fact that I feel now that I can do something else having the same impact, without mortgaging the next 10 years of my life (and the fact that I moved to Montreal), has something to do with the fact that I’ve put the project aside for the past two months and didn’t worked on it at all.

Instead, for the next upcoming weeks, let’s concentrate on :
1) finding a job
2) getting rid of at least half of my materials

Yaaay! I’m so excited! Once these two things will be sorted in the « mission completed » file, then I’ll be good to start proceeding to get closer to what will make me happy to do with my life, in other words : to get closer from a project for my lifetime. How does it sounds? GREEEAAAT! :)

Without further ado, let’s start all that! Well… after the weekend, ‘cause another cool thing is coming up this weekend : I am going to a huge event, which is called the Space Gathering, to do camping for 3 days in the woods, with at least two hundred of fun fellows. Yaay!
I’ll tell you more about it when I’ll be back!


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