Saturday, 17 July 2010

Power to choose, Power to BE

Good morning, dear readers!
Here is something I want to share with you. Terces Engelhart and her husband Matthew are a sources of inspiration for me. They are the owner of Cafe Gratitude AND the teachers of great workshops on relationship, abundance and awakening. Nope, I've never met them, and I never attended to one of their classes yet. So how can they inspire me? Han! There are things in life that we can not explain! I've read and heard a lot on them, and this is one really great writing, from Terces's blog that will help you to feel what I can't describe...

How Be You?

Reaching the middle of the month of January and wondering how you BE? What I mean by that is "what are you thinking", "what are you believing", "what are you saying", "what are you doing", and "what's your attitude?" Those are what we call "being". We say that is what gives you your experience of life. What you are thinking, believing, saying, doing and what your attitude is, IS your life! What I notice is that sometimes my thoughts lead me towards sadness and separation and the good thing is I NOTICE it! Once I notice it then I can actually hand pick some new thought, one that leads we towards fulfillment and connection.... Sure I can stay with my original thought, but why would I choose that? See I do have a choice! That is the good news.
So what thoughts are you choosing? Are your thoughts creating a life you love? Are your thoughts empowering you and whatever you are up to? If so, great. If not, choose other thoughts... ones that lead towards happiness.
Thank you for being YOU.
Have a great day.
Love, Terces

Thank you Terces for having allowed me to share it! Thank you for all the inspiration and for rocking this world! :)

You all can read Terce's blog HERE, and you sure can learn more about Cafe Gratitude and Workshops on their official website. Something is connecting myself to these people and their way to see things. I promise myself to make it to attend to one of their workshops one day... hopefully in a very close futur!
I am asking for this. Let's make my thoughts empowering me to make this to happen! ;)


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