Saturday, 3 July 2010

Let's save this Gulf!

I have something to propose you.

Many experiments have been made and the proof no longer needs to be done: our energy is very powerful when we are very confident and sincere. For those who are less familiar with this type of experimentations, you can find a lot of documentation on (among others) Dr. Masaru Emoto's researches, which concern the characteristics of water and how it physically responds to emotions.

Currently, most of us feel the emotion of anger above all, when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. The emotion is justified, however we may be of greater help to our planet and to its every living forms, if sincerely, with strength and humility, we send out our best energies.

Thus, let's leave aside the small demonstrations (such as those on plants, water droplets or rice). It is time to implement our powerful energy at a very large scale. The ocean needs us. Let's give it the love needed to heal itself.

This week, I received an email that made me think a lot, and which brought me to ask for your help. This email was suggesting a prayer. On my side, I'm proposing a Worldwide Meditation, the "Metta bhavana" (loving-kindness) kind. Depending on your possibilities, take a half hour to an hour, once or several times a day (the important is the strength and sincerity you'll put into), sit and meditate. Metta bhavana is the most universally beneficial form of discursive meditation, and can be practiced in any conditions. It is usually done in different stages, but for the specific cause, let's concentrate on the final stage instead: direct your sincere wishes of love and healing to the ocean, more specifically to the Gulf of Mexico and its inhabitants. "May all beings be rid of suffering. May all beings be happy".

Since any kind of sincere and massive sendings, no matter the way you choose to do it, will have its effect, I still pass on the prayer that has been sent to me, which was proposed by Emoto himself. Maybe some of you will prefer this way:

"I am sending the energy of love and gratitude

to the waters and all the living creatures in Gulf of Mexico.
To the water, whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes,
shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae
and all creatures in our Gulf of Mexico:
I apologize.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you."

Be convinced that we are not so helpless. It is even though the opposite! If we can not travel to give a hand directly on the site, please know that our combined energies, by daily meditation or prayer practiced several times a day with great determination, can literally change the course of things! No need to know how this takes place. Just recognize that the power of love is greater than any other active power in the Universe!

Do not hesitate to spread around the world this invitation to a Worldwide Meditation, or the prayer suggested by Dr. Emoto. Let's act with serious and make, by ourselves, that cleansing of the ocean to come true!

Begging you to implement yourself with serious in this great role.

Thx to Jon and bA
for this last
assembly of words


  1. Thank you for answering my question, Marie!! yeah, our simple and profound prayers will reach to the ocean. I always believe in the power of human thoughts. Our positive thoughts and energy will spread into the sick ocean to heal its wound. and maybe, it'll cause to bring someone's awareness. If we are all awaken, anything is possible no matter how far the goal is. We'll bring a bright future, right?

    Thank you, Marie. I've learned something new today. "Metta bhavana". What a cool meditation!!

    Hope your day was superb!

    Love and ice cream from...sizzling big apple ;p


  2. Yay! Happy to read your enthusiasm in sending pure love and healing vibes to our precious ocean! :)

    I allowed myself to note your email address to send you information about something, which I think will interest you. You have a very nice web site by the way, Hana!

    And yeah! Thank you for the idea, I'll go get an ice cream in the next minute! We are having a real crazy heat wave here right now!