Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The kind of heroes

There is a group of musicians/singers that I am listening to a lot since a couple of weeks, see months. These guys are called The Makepeace Brothers, and besides the fact that I like their name (since they are real brothers and that it is their real last name, no joke), I love their catchy songs and their harmonious voices.

There is one of their song that moves me even more than the other ones. This song, bluring my eyes and swelling my heart at each listening, is called "Hero". Okay, there is also "Lonely Days", but for completly other reasons! :P

Thus, here it is, "Hero". Yep, you well noticed! It is the song that inspired me the title of the present post.

Let's now get to the main reason for me to write this post: I wanted to take a moment to tell you, YOU, my dearest friends -the ones I know, the ones I don't know yet- that you are all inspiring me so much! Every single day. Thank you for contributing to improve our beautiful world, for contributing to this «third revolution of our human story»! Thank you for inspiring me!

You definitely ARE the kind of hero we need! Seriously. Think about it for a moment. Take this sentence and stick it in bold letters on your miror. And while you're there, why not doing an incredible superhero sexy move?! Just do it every morning! Alriiiight!! Let's be superheroes together!

Now, for the Makepeace Brothers, you really should buy their CDs from their website: they have way more of good stuff than what we can find on the web! I promise, you won't be disapointed!

And hey, while I'm thinking about it: this is the best occasion to share this other amazing song and video, made by SuperForester April performing a LOVELY song that she wrote for all SuperForesters around the world! It is in my top five of things I like to refer to, to lift me up when I'm feeling a little blue. Cheers and thank you, dear April for this so touching and catchy song!


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