Friday, 26 March 2010

My move – A new start

Another whole day of packing in anticipation of my next move. It is SO curative to sing loud with a headset on (we do not hear ourself and think that nobody else either...). My apologies to my current roommate! And by the way dear, I wish you to find your way, so that you can shine one day also. Then you'll see why it is so great. Keep it up, boy!
And you, other readers, if you have never tried that curative thing, well you really should!

So, Yes, I am moving out tomorrow morning (well, the first part of the move will be done. My furniture and most of my stuff will follow in a month). Thus, tomorrow night, another page of my life will be turned: I'll be back in Montreal and, Jee, so glad to be there!

My new roommate and I are both interior designers. I met her at school 8 years ago and we became great friends. She is now studying in traditional woodworking, and I can tell that she is super talented! We definitely are excited at the idea to spend time to clean, paint (with eco paint, obviously!) and renovate some little things in our old-style apartment. This is the reason why, for the next few weeks, it is possible that I put less time into writing posts...

Priority number one: the moving (and gather my good friends that I didn't see much since I quit the city last year to go up at 7 hours at north of the province too see the woods).

Second priority will be to do everything that I can to realise my wish to open my own raw food restaurant. There will be so many things to go through to accomplish that (elaborated the concept, create the recipes and the most important: go get the necessary subsidies)! This is a lot, but it is also announcing a great new start for me, and I am so excited!

Go Go Go!!


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