Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The awareness

Two years ago, after a trip to Costa Rica, I realized that I wasn’t happy at all with my whole life. I felt like I was not on the right path. I realized that I was consuming too much, that I was too much a materialist. So I took a decision that made everybody mad around me, but which was the best thing I could do for myself. I quit the suburban house and the long-term relationship, the person with whom I was fiancee. Mommy had to forget about being a grand mother for now… - Well, my brother finally changed things by having a wonderful little girl, whom I am crazy about! – Thus, I took a new turn, and moved in the big city of Montreal, where I slowly started to change my habits.

I adopted more green behaviours, I took some living food classes and quit smoking, I began to listen to myself, and I overcame a chronic tiredness. Yaay! Sometimes it’s good to go against the will of the others… no matter how difficult it can be!

Stand up for the real you!

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