Monday, 22 March 2010

There is always a beginning

Hello, friends of everywhere!

I'm following on so many others’ steps by creating my own blog to let know to everybody that there are so many beautiful things in life!

I recently tried to do it on my Facebook account, by opening it to everybody and translate my thoughts, so I can reach the most people as possible, but I finally realised that it was too much information to share with my closest friends, which are French speakers from the Quebec province (as I am). And so far, I didn't get so much of their excitement on reading my bilingual posts...whom I cannot blame, since it makes the posts too long.

So me - who do not know much about computers and all the new technologies that today’s kids are born with, and who just learned this month what is really a blog… - I'm going to have my own space for sharing!

In the next few days, I am going to explain how I came up with being so excited at the idea of sharing that much.
I hope that you’ll enjoy my positive sharings, 'cause YES, this space will be for positive thoughts only, since I am a positive person! But of course, you’ll have to excuse my shaky English…

If any of you wants to share with me also, I’ll be glad to read you!



  1. Marie-Eve J'adore ton blog, il me rappelle Superforest.And I love reading your postings because it reminds me of the same process I went through last year when I got into Jason Mraz which then lead me to Superforest and I have been soooo GRATEFUL since. I really miss it that time, it was a time of great Growth!

    Peace and Blessings :)

  2. Yay, AG!
    Thank you for your kind words! Your french sounds perfect! Where are you from?

    I'm so glad that comments are starting to enter! I am just realising how it definitely IS an important step, as they were saying on SuperForest in their beginnings. It feels different, and I like that! :)

    Yeah, SO grateful since then, this is exactly it! But don't miss it! We never stop to grow up in allowing us to be amazed by ourselves, as well as by a bird singing to your window! We just don't see this growth as much as with the real BIG changes! Enjoy yours, my friend! ;)

    Much love, AG!