Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Explosion of joyfulness

Since my awareness (SEE PREVIOUS POST), I’m living great things, and I moved – about a year ago – up at the north of the Quebec province, to see what this region could offer me.

But I really started to live the next step of my great transformation about two weeks ago when, in a peak of enthusiasm to come back in Montreal city – yes, I’m going to move again! – and share an apartment with a great friend of mine, I got the genius idea to launch my own business (I hope to open a raw food restaurant).

From there, while I was traveling back to the north of Quebec, I philosophized with myself, to come up with this next image of myself:

I am a butterfly at its first moments. I am accomplishing my most important and beautiful change. My “cocoon” was already close to open, but just literally exploded, thanks to the inspiration that are giving me some great people, as the amazing SuperForest team and Jason Mraz, my favourite singer.

That day, - here I am taking somebody else's words - my attention has been shifted, as if somebody just turned my head, to let me see something else, to make me feel and experiment something bigger. My consciousness was opening to Oneness.
This last explanation has been brought to me by one of the many videos I've just watch on the
Global Oneness Project website.

Everything and everybody change. And this is exactly what I am doing. I can still say that I have been a very good caterpillar until my late 29th, and took a year and a half questioning myself in my deep interior, my “cocoon”. I’m going on my 31st in July, so it’s never too late to find "the real you"! I am now living a marvellous rebirth, and I am getting much more optimism each day!

So, here I am, in all my joy and gratefulness to be more alive than ever!

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