Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Places I love - Montreal Parks - Part one

Haha! Here finally is the new series of posts I promised you! Let's start it with the most important thing on this planet. I'm sure you already guessed this one: YES! I am talking about Nature!

Nature appeases me. It has always done and has never ducked out. I am not affraid to say that Her and I have a great relationship of trust, and I feel that we are listening to one another. Therefore, it truly is a great gift that we have many parks in Montreal!

Of course, I sometimes need a way more, as for this upcoming weekend : I'll go camping and hiking in the great Megantic Mountain. Can't wait to have a great talk with Her and to feel her energy to heal and confort! Ah, Mother Nature, how I love you!

Thus, the Jarry Park, the Maisonneuve Park and the Montreal's Botanical Garden are, together, the right (East) lung of the city, while the Mount Royal and the Lafontaine Park are its left (West) lung. Let me introduce you to the first ones!

A small lake, a soccer field, an interior pool, and the tennis stadium find their place on a 36 hectares of green at the Jarry Park.

Isn't it a peaceful view? This is my favotite spot of the park!

The Maisonneuve Park has a superficy of 63 hectares. It is where the biggest celebrations are organised for the St-Jean Baptiste, the Quebec's nationnal day. Yes, this is also the place where we can find the Olympic Stadium, for which we are still paying, although its structure is getting weak! ;P

And finally, this is our beautiful Botanical Garden. There we can enjoy, among many others, a Japanese and a Chinese gardens, and different conservatories.

The Mount Royal and the Lafontaine Park are both really specials to me, and I will have a lot more to say about, so you'll have to be patient until I can have personal pictures to share with you for those ones!

Enjoy all the beautiful colours that the parks in your town will have to offer you this automn!


  1. How I missed the beautiful Montreal. I was there last year, but did the city thing. I most def. need to enjoy the parks on my next trip. Don't think, I'll make it this summer :( Thanks for sharing Marie-Eve.

  2. Heeey, thanks for sharing these beautiful details of the parks in Canada! They are so lovely!! well, of're now somewhere in the arms of mother nature having a fantastic time with your friends. Can't wait to hear about the trip!!
    and I think....these parks are much quieter than Central Park? I mean...more green and less people??? I've been reading a book in the park throughout the summer. Feel so great about it ;) soon, we'll see the change in the color of trees.....

    Love & kitty hugs!


  3. Thank you, ladies!

    Yes, both of you: if you ever come (back) to Montreal, knowing these beautiful parks is a must! :) Nope, they are nothing compared to the beautiful Central Park of NYC -which is 341 hectares big!- but still, they are very important to Montrealers! If they are more green? Maybe I have a too selective memory, 'cause I remember almost only green parts of Central Park, so I tend to say that they are about the same, but they are quieter, yes! Even if they are full of people during crazy heat waves as we had this summer, it is still quieter. People are simply layed down in the grass, reading a book, playing calm music, or playing frisbee, nothing too noisy.

    My weekend of camping was absolutely amazing, Hana! I will definitely write a post about it by a few days!

    Have an awesome week, dear ladies! Much love and good vibes to you,