Saturday, 24 April 2010

The impermanency

When we are attentive and open to the subtle signs of life, we can gradually perceive how certain experiences or certain people are strategically placed on our path, for a more or less important period... in fact, just about the time needed for you to realise or accomplish certain steps that you came to seek in this present life. Well, this is my personal point of view.

These last days, I've been experiencing a new level of teaching. I've been gone in a Vipassana Center for a 10 days closed retreat of intensive and specifique meditation. This has been an experience of real hard work, for sure!

I did not intended to write about this at all, 'cause this is such a personal process, and each live it differently, and everybody is not interested in it. However, after I came back home from there yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon to fully recover back all my normal senses and my mind, then I joined my roomate for a long walk and a supper on a nice green terrace of a café where we like to go. You'll be eventually introduced to this great place in a serie of posts I'll start this summer, wich will be called Places I Love, but let's go back for now to what made me slightly change my mind.

So, after the supper, while waiting to pay, my mind has wandered to someone, then to some news I was expecting to receive and didn't came in, then continue wandering... you know how it goes! Of course, I've started to feel a bad sensation. I automatically started to simply observe it, calmly. Then, without having deliberately caused it, I smiled, and told to myself "Anicca"... This is impermanent. Thus, I got up and went to pay. The sensation had been gone!

Then I realised the huge power wich this
Vipassana experience brought me. It is an another part of the transformation. Observe sensations, the good ones AS the bad ones, with equanimity, changes everything. It will be a great tool to face things more easily and calmly. If this is all what these 10 days have brought me, well it's already a HUGE thing. I suppose that this is what I was ready to acept and learn for this step; that this is what my pasts experiences were there for... and this last one have been there to prepare me to some other ones. And I am grateful for this.

May all beings be happy.

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