Sunday, 4 April 2010

Small AND greatest pleasures in life.

I spent the most wonderful weekend!

It all started with a nice walk across the city on the awesome sunny friday afternoon (with a hot 25 degrees). Everybody was outside, showing their most beautiful smile. Birds everywhere, singing and chasing each others; squirrels and cats running all over the lands and sidewalks. Marvellous!

I left in the evening to go in the campain to join some friends at my brother's house for a poker. I did not saw these friends for too many weeks. In the morning, I woke up with my adorable - 8 months old - little niece. With these two round eyes staring at me, and this most beautiful gum smile. Ain't no better way to wake up, I can tell!

We spent our saturday afternoon (again 25 degrees and no clouds...never saw for this time of the year here) in hiking, with a wonderful bunch of people, up to the top of the great Saint-Hilaire Mountain. We had a pic-nic there, observing the huge birds of prey flying around. Some played music with improvised tam-tam and a guitar, some danced, others were simply in communion with the nature, relaxing.

In the late evening, we prepared and have a yummy meal at one of these friend's house, well in fact, she's also my living food teacher. Interresting talks with all of them. I love you guys!

On sunday morning, another awakening in campaign. Then, my brother, his wife, my little niece and me, drove to my grandma's house for the dinner. We spent a wonderful afternoon there, and finally stayed for the supper also. Grandma was so happy to see us, and learn that she will soon be great-grand-mother for the 4th time! Yes!! Soon, I'll sometimes wake up with two pairs of beautiful bright eyes! That will be SO fun!

Kisses Grandma, it's time to go! My brother drop me at a subway station in the evening, and I slowly walked back home, thinking to this extraordinary weekend I got.

Life is good to me!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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