Friday, 13 August 2010

Experiencing high stuff!

You’ve probably come to understand that I’ve started this blog a few months ago because of changes happening in my life, because I started shifting my thoughts and the energy I am vibrating. Thus, I was calling to become a positivity and a love transceiver.

I do believe in the power of the positive thinking, and that we attract what we are vibrating.

But you know what? Even me, at times, I start to kinda forget that I believe. At times, we get to be exceeded by things coming from the exterior, and the situation suddenly brings us into the middle of a mist. And we forget.

But life is wonderfully made, and takes charge of making us to remember.

Life took charge of me today. After I've received some tips and good words from friends during the two last days, the head still on the pillow, unable to kick myself out of the bed, I’ve called out loud to the universe.

And here comes the astonishing: within the next hour, abundance from what I’d just call out was starting to come in. By the end of the day, most of it had been granted. This time, I found myself momentarily happily exceeded! I’ve attracted ten times faster than ever before. Why is that? I was lacking to remember that I AM part of this energy that makes the world in which we live. I - AM - PART - OF - IT! So, it was there just to remember me to have trust, whatever happens.


I now feel, more than ever before, that I am the artist creating the picture of my own life: the colors I am throwing out on the grid are coming right back and tint my life.

In trust and positivity,


  1. Hola, chica!

    Rise and shine!! Yup, I can related to the blue feeling. Everyone does! It's ok to feel the negativity, but don't need to become your negative feeling/mind. It's pretty tricky and hard to deal with it sometimes, but we know there's the sun comes out next morning, if not the rain comes around. That's all. No big deal. Cuz, we'll see the smile of sunshine when the rain gives a way to a ray of sunshine...the universe provides everything we need. What a grateful gift we receive!!

    Now I see you as a special movie director of your own life. Looking forward to your perky adventure!

    The sun is smiling in NYC today. The air gets dry and cooler than before. The summer is coming to the end soon.... ;) Have a great weekend, my dear sister in Canada!

    Love & Gratitude,


  2. Ha! So right, dear Hana! Even sad times are gifts from the Universe, 'cause I sometimes need them to see greater things!

    This whole weird week had been there to assure that I am learning and integrating a tip given by a friend many weeks ago. I can say I AM!! And I am grateful to the situation, to the Universe, and to this special friend.

    The summer has not said its last words yet! Some great events are still coming up! Jam sessions around the firecamp, and camping weekends are still on the list! ;)
    I've walked across the town once more yesterday, enjoying the last moments with my roommate before she starts her last school year. The sun is smiling over here also!

    Thank you for your lovely freshness, Hana!

  3. A beautiful post, miss Marie-Eve.

  4. Thank you, Jackson! For everything! :)
    Sending my love and good thoughts to Zero One and to you all!