Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The sound of love - Teach Your Children - CSNY

Today, this post of the series will be a little different. I am meditative, and here is the result, hoping you'll enjoy it as much as I am.

Someone gave me a textbook at the Quebec's Rainbow Gathering. It is about rainbows (surprise!) and hapiness. I know why I met this person and received that book. I am reading it right now, and something wants to be shouted out loud:

I think that the happiness of someone should never rest on someone else's shoulders, especially not on his children shoulders. Others may be there to give clues, maybe tips, but each is responsible of his own happiness and health at the end.

So today, as The Sound Of Love, I think that this next song goes well along with my thoughts. This version is played by only three of them, CSN (and is missing the first chords), but it is the one I like the most.

I want to thank the special someone who brought my attention to this beautiful song a few months ago.

I also feel like to share with you a passage from the textbook, written by Joseph Corallo:

"(…) I am learning to give thanks and eat whatever life puts on my plate, even if at times it isn’t very tasty. Believing in something higher than myself gives me the advantage to see the world from the stars. Faith has opened my eyes to greater things and provided me with the necessary tools, to make my life as beautiful as I want it to be. If I were to believe in nothing, I would be no different than those people who once believed that there was nothing past the edge of the sea, afraid that if one would go far enough he would fall off a precipice."

I am not afraid to seek further, since I have faith.

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