Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Zero One-ing in Quebec!

Ahhhh! Just to write the title of this post gives me butterflies in my belly! My heart and my solar plexus are positively excited, and it gives me a good drive on high vibes! Here’s to enter into action like never before! Yaaaay!! Knowing that I have this place here for opening myself up to some more learnings and for growing a major part of my food -as well as knowing that this place is big enough and good enough to share some of it with others- I feel like I am the most lucky woman in the world!

Some of you may not know what Zero One is. Zero One is an intentional community, a learning space for doing permaculture, for learning from one another, for experiencing and sharing, in the goal to develop our superheroïc abilities as human beings experiencing the Oneness. This is also a very large definition of what Superforest-ing is. This first Zero One community was in Kilauea, on the magical island of Kauai, HI, and was founded by Jesse Royal Carmichael, Jackson Nash, and the most loveful couple, Mea and Augustine, who came straight from a root trip in New Zealand. I arrived there two months after they moved in themselves, and we started the first gardens. We shared much and I discovered and learned much about myself. Then many people joined the community when I left. Melissa has moved in, and Mea gave birth to Naia cat. Here’s the whole story of my trip there last year. And here’s what SuperForest (which one I previously mentioned) exactly is. This is where I got to know my friend Jackson, who also is the founder of SuperForest. Relating now? There you go! ;)

Yes, I am in there! :) Beside so many very inspiring people!

I feel an extraordinary astral link connecting me with these lovely cats living there. And the recent changes in our lives have confirmed and strengthened that feeling… What is so special is that, my friends there, and I here, we all have found our new slice of paradise at about the same time, all at about one or two weeks before having to move out. We even moved into our new homes on the same day! Just like this! Zwiz! (that’s the sound that does the magic. Ever heard it?) :D

Thus, yes, Zero One just moved to another place that is 5 times bigger, a few kilometers further, and is now called Zero One Love Garden. They have no running water, no electricity –so, plenty of time to develop real human connection!- and there again, they produce zero waste. They are planning a SuperForest Summit there for August, and I set intentions so that I can find the money to join them in this new place, hug them once again, give love and care to the gardens and fruit trees, and to meet up all the other SuperForesters, so together, we can set intentions, and find out solutions and ways to take more actions for creating the world that we dream of. We share a wonderful vision, and we know that we can bring it to reality, with just a bit of help. Have I been a good seller? Yes? Join us! Keep tuned here or on for more details about the Summit!

Haha! This post took a different turn than what I first wanted to write!

So, after the longest introduction ever, here’s just a bit of an update about my little slice of paradise here. I moved in on May 27th, with the help of very generous new friends, who live close by. While unloading the truck, my lovely friend and new roommate, Maxime, has cooked a feast of delicious small bites for us all. What a great way to permeate our new home with the best vibes in which we’ll live! Abundance of love and of friendship, and plenty of food! How could I not be happy?

Thank you, Universe, for you gratify me with such special connections and with such pleasures! I am so grateful for you give me the chance to express my gratefulness in different ways at every day!

Since I moved in, I had very long days of hard work, but a lot of fun stuff too: I work on the land and on the creation of the gardens during the day and, installed on the patio at night and when it gets too hot or rainy, I work from distance for my job in Montreal. On weekends, Maxime is here with his lovely daughter, Amyela, and we have much to catch up and to do, as he’s away all week long. Friends come over for BBQ’s and for playing music in our cozy living room or around the fire camp beside the stream, at the entrance of the woodland. Now, my intentions for the weeks to come are to finish unpacking all my stuff, to improve my own little space, and to continue to make connections with all life surrounding me and to explore the woods around.

Talking about the woods… These woods are so full of life! Many types of birds live here. There are collibris, canaries, and many others. A couple of blue jays are always close around, I hear them all day long, and I see the male many times a day on my patio, but I saw the female only once. What moments warm my heart the most is when I have one of those sweet moments of connection with the white-tailed doe who’s living in the woods around. She often crosses the property and eats young green leaves and ferns. Last week, she even has let me come at a few feet of her! Yes! I think I found the totem animal representing me!

This is it! That’s my super Zero One-ing life! If ever one of you wakes up a morning, with the feeling of being up for some adventures in Quebec, contact me! We even have an extra room to rent for travelers who want to stay for a while! You are a SuperForester of this most beautiful changing world? We want you here!

Cheers and love, everyone!


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    1. Hey there, ladies!
      Nice websites you have there! Your pictures definitely are beautiful! Rays of sunshine are how I perceive them! ;) I'll share the links with a friend of mine who's a lover of pictures and of flowers!