Monday, 20 February 2012

Interconnectedness - You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now

Hey! Let me share with you the last story that I made up!!

A young woman was living the most “normal” life possible (according to what she knew and to what the mass thinks). Going straight forward, head down, for what has always been taught to her. Being the exact person they all have told her how to be. Until the day she came back from a travel with her family, after which she decided to change it all... She left everything behind. She took raw food classes and quit smoking. Not even noticing all the subtle changes that it brought in her mind, she once called out loud, to some divine energy, for something to happen, so to bring her to turn her head and see something else that would bring a big shift in her life. BAM! Music. Music has been her answer. The Mrazy kind. Interested, intrigued, she dug what was behind it. Superforest became her morning happy news reading, Café Gratitude a target of what she wanted to do for a living, Blend Apparel her favorite messages to wear, and so on and on. There is a complete other world this side. Nothing but yummy happy hilarious vibes.

It only is just a question of perspective. To see things from another point of view. 

The young woman opened up. She ripped off her little cocoon and stuck her head out. Hope and love for the entire universe and for every single person is the only thing she could see from this new point of view. 

The scared and cocoon person that she always used to be surprisingly decided to take a quick 12-days trip, ALONE, to Hawaii, in a country she didn’t know much of, to meet people she didn’t really knew of. She strangely and so strongly connected with those peeps, but more especially with 3 people, more than anybody else on this planet (but her brothers by blood, of course). Among 6.995 billions of people, these 3 people became the ones she now likes to call her family by soul.

After returning in her country, and changing a few more things in her way of living and being, she felt safe, but she was still half scared of the world “out there” and definitely terrified of presenting herself simply the way she is. Finding the guts to put that aside, she took another trip on. To California this time. She was supposed to be there for two weeks, and she ended up cancelling her flight back and meeting tons of interesting and nice “strangers”. Among them, she especially connects with one man. One, among thousands of them. After being around him for a little while and living a couple of days at his place, she discovers the most mind-blowing/unwrappable-thing-around-her-head. These peeps are friends! Huh!? What?!

Okay, hold on here… What, in the world, were the chances that:

1- This last (American) man went, 4 years ago, in a gathering in Mexico, and met this (American) woman (who now lives in Hawaii), with whom he connected.

2- And that this so scared young woman from Quebec, Canada decided to take two trips (with an interval of a year and a half), to two different places, and ended up to meet –and so especially connect with- these two exact peeps, one in each place she traveled to.

Tell me!! WHAT were the chances?!? The young woman is definitely still trying to wrap her head around it… 3 weeks after the discovery. :D

Now, you know what? This story is… of course, you got it: mine!! It’s MINE! Yes! :) W.O.W Doesn’t it make you feel like totally excited to know the second tome? What’s coming next?! Wow, I just can’t wait to discover, myself! I am so excited for my life!! :)

Ohh… wait, there is a postface to this first tome though…
You know the funniest part that I just learned? Roughly about a year and a half ago, she (my Hawaiian friend) sent him (my new Californian friend) an email to thank him for something he gave her at this gathering and which had changed something in her life. A year and a half ago. Think about it for a second. Where was I at that time? In Hawaii!! Was I standing just beside her when she sent out this message to him?! Ohhh, dears….! Will I ever be able to wrap my head around this whole craziest yummy story?!?

Yep! This is 2012, my friends! Everything is coming together! You’ll experience interconnectedness like never before, be assured of that. Be attentive! Fully live it! And… HAVE FUN!! Enjoy the roller coaster ride, and laugh along with the Universe! ;)

I definitely am.


Keep in mind that your life is happening NOW. And from there, have the greatest time of your life! 


  1. WOW! YOU are amazing! That is magic my friend! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

  2. This is a wonderful story and one that I am very grateful to be a part of. Thank you for your commitment to shine, Marie-Eve. I adore you!

  3. Yaay!! Yes, you sure ARE a part of it, my friend! And a pretty good chunk of it, though! ;) Love and Aloha your way!

    Jenny, I bet some of this magic links us too somewhere in this fun story! One day, we'll discover what it is and have a good laugh about it! ;)

  4. Sounds crazy good, Marie-Eve!! There's a flow coming into our lives and we just go with it. hey, aren't we so happy to be in the now? living in the moment for creating and exploring the world of abundance?!
    so good to hear about your splendid adventure :) Keep it coming...

    Love & Gratitude,