Thursday, 24 June 2010

Quebec's National Day

Heyo! I'm coming back in Quebec just in time to celebrate our national day, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste! And what a great day this will be! I'm so in! Completely fresh from my super amazing trip to Zero One, a wonderful land of permaculture in Hawaii. I'll let you know more about my trip in a next post, I promise it's coming up! But today, let's celebrate the Quebec! Yaayy!!

Saint-Jean-Baptiste is love sharing at a wide scale for the people here. I would love my province to feel like this on every single day! I'm working this way, but I'm just a little grain... but still one! Trying to sand off the kinda stiffy side of my fellows, and make smile to be contagious.

For the occasion, let's share this video of a local group:

I'm out now (wearing my blue shirt, of course!), for so much fun, smiles and love spreading!


  1. Hi, Marie-Eve! Thanks for sharing an interesting music vid!! Wish I could understand what they say... ;p

    Your English is very good, so no worries! I do also make lots of mistakes as an immigrant here in the US...ha ha. So, you'll tell us about your trip to Zero ONE next post? Can't wait!! Must be so cool to be there learning and experiencing all the joy with everyone. Looking forward to it :)

    Have a beautiful weekend in Quebec!!

    Love and gratitude,

    Hana and Seesaw the cat from sizzling Big Apple

  2. Hey Hana!
    It's a lovely blog that you have there! I love cherry blossoms trees also, they have something magical!

    Happy to see your enthousiasm to read about my experience on Zero One! I promise it's coming up! I still need a couple of days to finish to write it. I'm begging for your patience! And I also thank you for your kind words! :)

    By the way, here is a translation of some verses of this lovely song. But the main reason why I chose this song is, first because I love that group, and because we can see Quebec's motto, which is "Je me souviens" ("I remember"... our roots, our history) in the video. So, it goes something like this:

    Everything cannot be written
    On a piece of paper
    Everything can not be destroyed
    By pressing a lever
    So... I'll remember...

    I had met you
    On the pavement
    Salty kiss...

    Under the cloak of silence
    Hole in the memory
    Just at the place of the expectations
    I will not fly
    At the first of your breaths...

    Go breathless now
    Even if you blow
    I burn but I do not consume myself

    I am not genie
    I am not fairy
    I am not an angel
    I'm not afraid of you anymore
    I am not genie
    I am not fairy

    I'm not afraid of you anymore
    Even when the time weights heavy on me
    When roaming inside me
    A strange stream
    May the power of the wave
    And the moon keep me...

    I removed the thorn
    And fueled the arrogance
    Enjoyed my fights
    Confessed my glances
    A scraping emerges
    In my lizard skin
    I will not fly anymore
    At the first of your breaths...

    Nothing will take me
    Even if you blow
    I burn but I do not consume myself

    * Have a wonderful weekend too Hana! Love!

  3. oh, hey, thanks for the translation of the song! cool :)