Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The suburb

Last weekend, I have been invited by one of my roommate's friends to spend time with five of them in his place. We all had a great time. I’ve been doing many things for the first time of the year, and I even did the first train trip of my whole life!

On satrurday, we went to the park and played frisbee, soccer and football. Then we had a BBQ, a few beers and great talks. Unfortunately, I have had to renounce to do camping, ‘cause the night was too chilly, so we all did "indoor camping".

The next day, all six went for a bycicle ride. And what a long and nice ride! Before we know it, we had more than 10km to the odometer, so we decided to continue and go have a lunch to the beach.

My roommate and I at the beach in Oka.

I’m taking you with me for a part of the ride with this short video (excuse the french speaking on it). This is the moment that we all stopped and stood on the side of the bike path to stare at a couple of Canada geeses and their little babies, a rare occasion!

Once back to our friend’s place, many hours and 34km later, we just sat down, chitchatted, and look at books of pictures, exhausted by the ride. Another BBQ, and hop! It’s time to catch the train!

Thank you Alexis for this memorable weekend! We all have appreciated your hospitality, and it also have been so great to leave the big and noisy city of Montreal for these two days! I’ll find a way soon to share the other videos with the five of you!

I hope you all also spent an amazing weekend, dear readers! Now, let's (myself) grow and eat tons of sprouts to help my body to forget all this meat that I have, once more, fed him with, and let's (all of us) start this new week with a wide smile and lightheartedness!

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