Monday, 23 May 2011

Taking on adventures

Happy renewing, beautifuls!

We are… two days after the end of the world. I just arrived in paradise. What a wonderful morning here! Yes I referred -with a large smile upon my face- to the end of the world that was predicted by a crowd of people for May 21st. Fifteen minutes ago, I had no idea that I would drop some lines about it but, being sat here, breathing that fresh and cold air, I am to realize the special moment that I am living right now and for the next –hopefully numerous- few months.

I opened my eyes at around 4:30 am, hearing the nature waking up by the window that stayed opened all night. I didn’t really go back to the dream world. Nope. Something in the moment and outside of the room was too exciting. I arrived here last night, so I didn’t see the land around what will be my new home in just a couple of days. Three hours later, it was still early, and Maxime, my friend and future roommate, was still asleep. I had thought that I could wait for him to walk and discover the 5 acres land, but I just couldn’t wait any more! Because Maxime lives much closer than I, he came here a few times already, and even has started to bring some boxes in, so he knows much about the place. Until here, I had not even visited the house. I signed the bail on Maxime’s feeling and sayings, and on the 3 or 4 pictures I had seen on internet. And here I am, on this beautiful morning of May 23, 2011.

Thus, not being able to go back to sleep, I jumped into my pair of jeans, put some socks and shoes, rolled myself up in a fleecy blanket and I went outside. Flower after flower, bird song after bird song, I discovered the first acre or so. I’ll wait for Maxime to walk the rest, so he can show me the limits of the land, and not to venture onto our neighbors' property. Walking back to the front yard, I thought “there will be much more work to do than what I thought before having our garden”… but this won’t be today anyway, so I decided to grab my lap top in the house, and to go back outside to have a bit of a writing moment, to see what would come up of this new flow of inspiration. Instinctively, I went straight to the limits of the cleared portion of the land. There, a small wooden bridge over a stream leads to a cooler and smelling good universe. I sat there, at the entrance of the forest to write this post. I introduce myself to this magnificent forest. Very soon, we’ll know better each other. And because we’ll be in a very close interrelation, I want to take some time, so that we can welcome one another, so that we can become acclimatized to each other. For now, lets just come up the inspiration it brings me.

Once again, I am taking a new turn onto the very exciting path of life. Since I decided to quit everything, almost 3 years ago, I am taking on new adventures over new adventures. How amazing things happen when we allow life to surprise us! I went from the suburban life to the return in the big metropolis of Montreal, to living in a very isolated but big city that we discover after driving like 5 hours in the woods, to come back in Montreal with a brand new glance over things and a new perspective on life, for now moving on the countryside, at the most south end of the province that I’ve ever lived. Yes, this little piece of paradise is located at about 15 minutes to the Vermont USA border.

Here, surrounded by this green life, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one morning, seeing a deer on the land, or a fox playing around. I’ve been told that we can hear coyotes howling at night. Oh, if only I had a camera with me to picture this place and this moment for you!

I feel that, even so I’ll be very busy, taking care of the land and of the garden, and working on some great business projects, I’ll be back on A Commitment To Shine more often. I feel totally inspired here. I feel that I’ll be utterly happy here.
Yes, since I arrived here last night, I kept having flashbacks of feelings I had in Kauai. I feel the two adventures very closely related. Alriiight!! I totally am ready and opened to take over this new exalting one, to learn and to process personal things through it.

Wonderful Life, you’ll never cease to amaze me.

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